Friday, January 19, 2007

Arctic Spam

Why is this early? Because after spending an hour trying to get onto the site to write it, I decided I'd better go ahead and post in case it won't let me in later. Blogger hates me.

This was the one recommended to me. (Oh, you hit the “feeling lucky” button on Google, didn’t you?)
Mother Susan. (Are you saying that Susan is a nun, or are you telling me to mother Susan. I don’t think she’s a nun, nor does she want to be mothered.)
I found something! (Does it have a face, numbers and hands?)
Thanks for being there. (Thank you. Call me a sucker, but spam has to go somewhere.)
Done or what? (Don’t get your panties in a wad, it’ll be over soon.)
Be frozen. (Been there, doing that.)
Want to buy almost free software? (How can something be almost free? If you charge something, it’s not free, moron.)
Reply déjà vu. (I think I’ve done this before?)
Hi sweetheart. (Hello darling.)
Do you want your dick to be wallpaper for a computer? (It would be better than those damn flying alarm clocks.)
A man with a small penis is like a car with 3 wheels. (Why? Because he’s not going anywhere?)
Bully. (I resent that.)
This goes on for days? (No, only on Fridays.)
Hang in there girl, stay strong, you are doing great! (Don’t tell me, you’re blond right?)
Must be fit, have nice face to get Chinese baby. (What do you get if you’re flabby and ugly? Mini-me?)
What is OEM software, and why do you care? (I was just about to ask that. Why do I care?)
There’s online dating and there’s this. (Hun, this is better than on-line dating.)
You free? (Almost.)
Instead of sitting here and reading this, you could be enjoying sex. (Hey, wait! Where are y’all going? Get back here!)

Edit: I've heard from Glenice that she hasn't been able to comment. Anybody else having that problem? If so, email me, I'm beginning to feel neglected.


Dru said...

LOL...yeah, why am I sitting here. Too funny.

Brandy said...

You get great Spam! And turn the most annoying thing ever, into the funniest things!! Yay Bailey.

Michele said...

"Been there, doing that".
Yeah, I can relate!
(teeth chattering)

Fun Friday post, Bailey!

Meretta said...

I'm sitting here, too. Huh! Maybe I'll go for a walk and see what I can find. ;)

christa said...

What's in the bag? Are you going somewhere?

Bailey Stewart said...

Only out of my mind Christa.

Dru - *snicker*

Thank you Brandy.

Michele - don't chatter too hard, teeth pain is terrible.

I hope you have an interesting walk Meretta ;)

Susan said...

If there is ever an award given out for the best use of spam you would win hands down with your wit! Stay warm.

Stacy Dawn said...


Cole said...

:) Too funny!


Devon Ellington said...

I had huge problems earlier in the day. Better now.

Toni Anderson said...


Blogger hated me earlier, but loves me again now :)

Lis said...

lol love the mini me one

Right now blogger hates me, yours in the only blog I can get to appear. It'll be a miracle if I can comment!

Bailey Stewart said...

Hallelujah! It's a miracle. LOL

catslady said...

I'm assuming this will finally get through lol. Hysterical as usual!

Bailey Stewart said...

Gotcha Cookie! Maybe it's cleared up for a while.

I'm having such a hard time writing tonight. Nothing is happening. Argggggghhhhhhh!

Marty said...

Reply déjà vu. (I think I’ve done this before?) ROLLING!