Friday, January 05, 2007

The Da Vinci Spam

Gotta Sec? (For you? No.)
Do you want to have a long list of lovers? (Can we start with Hugh Jackman?)
A new look for the new year. (You’re a little late for that, I started without you.)
Which chocolate is your favorite? (The one that’s next to me.)
Tell me more. (Well, preferably dark)
Make your dick longer than the Great China Wall. (Okay, I have to ask this again … why? And isn’t that the Great Wall of China?)
Now you will be able to do it more often. (More often? I wouldn’t be able to move!)
Especially in open areas. (With a dick that long, everywhere would be an open area.)
Several mental facilities. (Are looking for you, right?)
Recently admitted. (Good place for you. I’ll send a care package … wrapped in spam.)
Rene (You’re talking to my blogsters again, what did I tell you the last time?)
Brilliant ruled perfectly. (I try to be a perfect ruler.)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (You know, if they would just get a Lojack.)
That tragedy. (They’ll get over it.)
Anything else you need? (Did I mention Hugh Jackman?)


christa said...

I bought myself a small bag of those Lindt chocolates(a Christmas present to myself). There are milk chocolate(all gone), white chocolates and dark chocolates. I like the dark chocolates better.

Loreth Anne White said...


I won two lotteries today. The UK Thunderball and some Irish one. All I have to do is contact them ....

Brandy said...

Hahahaha! Again with the funny Spam. LOVING the Mental Facilites one!!

raine said...

Great Wall of China, huh? *snort!*

Michele said...

Hmmm, you need some Hugh?
I might be able to help. IF the email carries him successfully, He'll be at your edoor soon. *grin*
And EHugh is betther than NoHugh, right?

I'm plagued by Missy & Beth. They keep wanting me to watch them and I always ignore that. Then I got this guy complaining that he hasn't seen a June Bug or a Monarch Butterfly this year ... *sigh*, if only that could be the worst of our problems.

Then Kenneth is trying to introduce me to Drawback Porn - I guess that's a synonym for Early Withdrawal?

SPAM - only you could make me like it, Bailey.

Have a great Friday!

Shirley said...

I need Hugh Jackman too. Oh, and chocolate. Lots of it. To hell with migraines.

Thanks for the laugh, Bailey.

catslady said...

Extremely funny as always and to you too loreth!

(and if I'm not imagining it, did you switch my blogger name or did I roflmao)

catslady said...

okay ignore that last post - I could have sworn it was different yesterday - I mustn't have gotten enough sleep lol.

Siobhan said...

I don't know what I need. I've been eating so much these past few days I can hardly move. And it's not over yet ...

Scott said...

You don't need a long list of lovers, right? Just one will do. Oh, and I'm sure Hugh wouldn't mind Jackman.

I slay myself.

I'm a glutton for punishment, but I will be watching the game Saturday. Talk about the toilet bowl. Two of the worst teams in the playoffs get one another to start.

Melissa Marsh said...

Hugh Jackman is mine, all mine! Well, ok. I guess I can deal with just having Daniel Craig and Matthew Mc. ;-)

Susan said...

Oh how I needed this today!

I think the 'Queen of Spam' deserves a night with Hugh Jackman!

Lis said...

lol you'd think the neighbors would learn to lock up that darn alarm clock

Sasha White said...

LMAO! Love it.
Thanks for the giggle.

Anonymous said...

(With a dick that long, everywhere would be an open area.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, speaking of chocolates, have you tried the cherry Hershey kisses? As if they could be any more addictive (and yet they are).