Friday, January 26, 2007

Freddy vs. Spam

You think this is good? (I haven’t had any complaints yet.)
This goes on for days. (I think we went through this before. It’s only one blog a week.)
Just you and me (no response, I put this here because it was scary. The sender was “disturbed”. I don’t want to be alone with disturbed.)
Horrify? (If you received spam from someone named disturbed and the message was “just you and me”, wouldn’t you be a bit horrified?)
Don’t look back … (Why? Is he behind me?)
Don’t say we did not mail you. (okay, I won’t.)
Lost Declaration of Independence video. (I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a video camera there.)
Can you tell me? (Tell you what?)
Say “I can have sex all night long!” (Okay, I can have sex all night long.)
You won’t believe how easy it really is. (To have sex all night long? It would be pretty hard for me – and no, that wasn’t a pun.)
I’ll be right there. (No, wait. I’m sure I can get along fine without you.)
It will only take a moment. (I thought you said all night long?)
Don’t expose your sexual life! (Too late for that.)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (Look for someone named disturbed.)
Why look anywhere else? I found it here. (Yeah well, don’t look behind you.)


Brandy said...

HEE! The Avatar is a nice touch! Kinda reminds me of those Spoofs of horror movies. I'd watch out for disturbed.
Funny as ever!!

Lis said...

lmao, oh that disturbed one is a little on the weird side! Cute avatar btw :o)

I got my own funny spam this week, something about 'outrageous bodice ripper' they must know I write romance *g*

raine said...


Michele said...


Bailey, this is teriffic! Love the Avatar!

Too bad the Avatar didn't look like Elvira, with SPAM like today's, it would be SO appropriate..all night long..*teehee* I'd give it a whirl if I could, but with kids in the house? I'd be back to "it'd just take a minute". LOL

Happy Friday to you, Bailey!

glenice said...

I love the avitar today :)

very appropriate!

Have a great weekend!

Bailey Stewart said...

I've been called in to work for a couple of hours. Hey, it's a little extra money. See y'all later. And boy do I have a story to tell for Monday ...

Susan said...

Considering “disturbed” is sending you spam your choice of Avatar is very fitting, but did you pick that before or after? ;)

Another great and funny Spamarama!

Tori Lennox said...

You get the weirdest spam!

Toni Anderson said...

What is it about alarm clocks LOL?

Good Spam day. I'm off to check out some snakes *vbg*

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

Deliciously funny, Bailey! ;-)

Bailey Stewart said...

Susan, I always pick the avatar based on what is going on with the blog - or as close as I can get. If nothing fits, then it's my basic mood for the day. I was hoping their Halloween ones would have the mask from Scream, but alas not - so this was the closest.

Meretta said...

Can't wait to hear the story!

Marty said...

Totally appreciated this one: Lost Declaration of Independence video. (I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a video camera there.)

catslady said...

Oh, you are making us wait! I hate waiting lol.

Bailey Stewart said...

A couple of my blogsters already know - and I've mentioned it on one blog today. Yes, I'm makeing you wait because not everyone shows up over the weekend.

Brandy said...

HEY! I'm a loyal blog fan. Spill!

Shesawriter said...

ROFLMAO! These were good. Thanks for he chuckle.