Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If You Give a Mouse

If You Give A Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffe Numeroff. If you’ve never read any of these books (If You Give a Moose a Muffin, and If You Give a Pig a Pancake are two other titles), then I need to give you a couple of lines so you’ll understand this post.

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw! When he’s finished, he’ll ask for a napkin. Then he’ll want to look in a mirror to make sure he doesn’t have a milk mustache. When he looks into the mirror, he might notice his hair needs a trim. So he’ll probably ask for a pair of nail scissors.

Get the picture?

It’s really all Harry Dresden’s fault that I hurt my back. (Which is better, thank you). You see, our cable has A and B channels. The new series based on the Jim Butcher books about Harry Dresden, The Dresden Files, is on the Sci-Fi channel. The Sci-Fi channel is on the B channels. Still with me Raine? You haven’t fallen asleep have you? I have one TV that gets both A and B, with a little switch box. I have this habit of watching things on one side and then forgetting to switch back over. Although Sunday night’s premier episode wasn’t opposite anything that I want to watch, it will be next week when Cold Case comes back on. Two reasons I didn’t want to set the VCR in the den for the Dresden series. There’s a TV in the guest bedroom that was no longer hooked up, but if I went outside I could hook it up to the B channels, thereby not having to worry about any of the aforementioned confusing things. But wait. Little problem. The VCR in there isn’t very reliable. Has a habit of going into “error” mode when set for timed recordings. So I needed to switch VCR’s.

If you give Bailey a series to watch,
She’s going to want to record it.
But before she can record it,
She’s going to have to switch VCRs.
When she goes to switch VCRs,
She realizes that she’ll have to use the one in her bedroom.
But if she’s going to use the one in her bedroom,
She’ll have to replace the VCR in there too.
So she puts the one from her room,
Into the guest room, with the little TV.
Which of course won’t do.
So she takes the TV from the den, for her guest to watch.
Which means she’ll have to bring the TV from the study (and her favorite anyway)
And put it in the den.
But she didn’t want to hook everything up just to do it again later,
So she moved the entertainment center with it.

And so it goes. I’m hardly in the study anymore anyway, and that was the room that had the entertainment center, plus my favorite VCR/TV/DVD player. Oh, and the 5-disc stereo; that’s for writing you know. Anyway, I couldn’t see myself moving all of those things and hooking them up only to unhook everything in a month or two when I could find someone to help me. The TV in the den wasn’t new enough to handle both a VCR and DVD player anyway, which was limiting. Scenario: Wanting to tape something while watching a DVD with a friend. That’s why the den TV was perfect for the guest room, since there would only be a VCR in there anyway. Anyway, that’s why I moved everything. And I have been waiting to do so since October, but could never get anyone to help me. I have a couch that I need to move out, but I’ve missed that deadline (the trash comes either tomorrow or Wednesday), so it will have to go on the weekend of February 24. You see, mom had “accidents” on that couch, and the cats figured if she could “go” on it, they could. It stinks. Anyway, Bebo is busy clearing out my sister's house, on Sunday I'll be over there too, packing. It'll take us a month of Sunday's to get this done. Basically, I guess I'm tired of waiting for other people to find the time to help me get going again. So I do it myself.

The back is better, but we won’t discuss my head, which I banged twice on Sunday – once again the brick of the house and secondly on the sharp edge of a door on the hutch. Hurt too. As did smashing my hand in the sliding doors of the closet. I think I’m becoming a walking accident waiting to happen. And yes Marty, I remembered about the heat/cold thing and did that Monday.


Brandy said...

Hope that all your aches and pains fel better soon. And I understand about not wanting to wait fo help. I ask Chris for something and wait, and wait. Finally I do it myself. So, I understand. And you mentioned the Harry Dresden series, did you get to watch it?

Brandy said...

FEEL better soon, jeesh! Sorry, tired.

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes, I got to watch it. I haven't made up my mind about it yet. Bebo likes it though.

Brandy said...

I've never read the books. To be honest, I'm wondering if the majority of the fanbase for the books will be the ones who end up not liking it.

Bailey Stewart said...

I think if you've never read the books that you would enjoy the series. The problems that I'm having with it are the things that are different from the book, things that didn't obviously have to be changed. I'm going to try to watch it with a "fresh" eye and try to forget the books. Like I said, Bebo liked it a lot and she reads the books.

raine said...

Yes, hon, I'm with ya.
Got an A and B switch myself, lol.
I do understand. I have a bunch of stuff here that I'd love to move, dispose of, etc.
Just be careful, ok?

You don't want to hurt that back.
Trust me.
You don't.

Glenice said...

All of this because of TV!!! You really are hooked :)

But no worse than the hubby...we had to rush home from our dinner out tonight because 24 was getting ready to start!!! GEEZ!!!! Although I must say that I am pretty well hooked :) well at least until next week when I can not remember what day it is on :) :) :)

Off to Arkansas again tomorrow!! They called this morning--I will be there tomorrow now! Until Friday anyway!!

Please don't move any other really heavy stuff by yourself! That goes for the stinky blue couch too!!!! Even though it can not go out for another month...

beautiful day said...

That is a good way of looking at the mouse...i like old fashioned Cookson books really, dont read much though x

Bailey Stewart said...

You don't want to hurt that back.
Trust me.
You don't.

Trust me Raine, I've done it before, I don't want to do it again. This was just a strain.

Glenice - I'm not moving that couch ... now. I've missed the deadline for this month.

Beautiful Day - Hi! Nice of you to drop by.

Devon Ellington said...

I'm telling you -- Rent a Husband. There's plenty I CAN do, but if I can hire at a reasonable price someone stronger who likes to do it, I'm going to, especially when it comes to moving stuff.

Feel better soon.

Bailey Stewart said...

That's the problem - I don't have the money to "rent a husband".

My head is what hurts right now - probably that pointy edge whack I got. *gg*

Meretta said...

We have the "If you give" series of books. My kids quite like the consequences that follow each action.

Take a break and rest easy, Bailey. You need some time off from moving things around!

Susan said...

My goodness girl, it sounds like you're trying to set a record for bruises! Take it easy for the next couple of days and pamper yourself.

Shirley said...

Good grief, girl. Take a rest! Now! Hope you're better soon.

Susie said...

My goodness, you're a mess. Wished you'd called me, I was on vacation last week and home most of it because of the weather. I haven't been by in awhile, so I'm here to catch up on what I've missed. Next time you start moving furniture, give me a ring, I might be around to help.

Tori Lennox said...

Now, see, what you should have done was contact Harry and get him to move everything magically. *g*

But do try not to hurt yourself so much next time, okay? *hugs*

Amie Stuart said...

good lord woman!! LOL what a comedy of errors--sorta kinda. I have the same refusal to wait on others to help affliction as you btw =)

Michele said...

Waaaah!! *sob, sniffle, blows nose**
You got Harry Dresden?!!

Of all the shows on TV, it's the only one I yearn for.

Worth the pain.
*pouty tears dripping off of nose*

I'm so happy for you,Bailey.
you got to watch Harry on TV.

*discreet sniff*

Dru said...

oh I like the idea of a Rent A Husband.

I know what you mean about doing one small project that turns into a big project.

How's your back? How's your head. Take it easy and rest.

Marty said...

"All this because of TV?" You betcha, lol. I was glued to the tv because Prison Break was back on last night...feel better soon, Bailey :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Well, I'm trying to post, but blogger won't let me. Wednesday's post might be a bit late.