Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dere Humanz

We have takin ovur the compooter. If u do not meet r demanz, u wil not see mommie Bailey agin.

1. catnip, lots of it
6. tuna. Nun of that watur crap, reel oyl.
18. milk, reel cow stuff
3. toys
8. comfy bed, fore of them

the katz

(eccept fur bubba, the cow-word)


Brandy said...

Hahaha! Everyone here loved this one! Dear Cats, who will pet you or empty the litter box if Bailey disappears?

Bailey Stewart said...

Dere Brandy,

That's wut I toad them, those jerks. I am not a cow-word, I am the smart wun.


Brandy said...

Dear Bubba, remind them that cats don't have opposable thumbs to open cat food cans!

Tori Lennox said...

Hang in there Bubba. They'll figure out it out soon enough.

Dru said...


The conversation between Brandy and Bubba is hilarious.

We're with you'll have to overthrow them with the help of the humans.

Saskia Walker said...

You puddies will soon realise how hard life is without Bailey ;)

Susan said...

Dear Bubba,

I think you are the equivalent of Bud only surrounded by more than one Ernie! (The Satellite Twins)

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Hi Bailey,
Sorry I haven’t been by lately – I ate some bad food 48-72 hours ago and haven been a prisoner on the couch. Feeling a little better now though, at least enough to think somewhat rationally.
I love this Post -- there's a Bud Lite commercial somewhere hidden in this!

Michele said...

I'm all in favor of "Cat's Rule" rule,
but you gotta respect the hand that feeds ya.
We have an agricultural school here that sells pure milk ... with all that frothy rich cream on top.
Ask the other cats,Bubba, how are they going to MILK the cows to get that kind of good stuff without the use of humans?

I don't think a cow will stand still with all those claws and cat fangs, do you?

This is a purrfect and brilliant post!
Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

Meretta said...

Dear Cats,

Sending tuna (in oil) as soon as you let her do a blog, so we know she's unarmed. Do you want a helicopter, too?

Meretta said...


unHarmed, not unarmed!

Bailey Stewart said...

Mr. Dr. Bill, that's why it wuz so eazy to take ovur. Whut they don't understanz is that Bailey will get better. Then the fur will fly.


Oh, and evrybody else - I founz some email'z from some cat named Bucky. I think thatz where the ideas came frum.

spyscribbler said...

Awwww! How cute, LOL! Our cats just love the computers, too.

Did you hear about the recall? *shudder*

catslady said...

Yes, but leave a bag of cat food nearby and they manage to rip it open lol. No food source seems to be safe any more :(

Dennie McDonald said...

LOL ... go kitties, go kitties...

Toni Anderson said...


Amie Stuart said...

Holy litter boxes it's cats gone wild!