Sunday, March 11, 2007

Goodbye Winter

If today’s 83 degree temp is any indication – Winter is over here in North Texas. Now commences Tornado Season Spring. So as a homage to Winter, here is the one good snow sleet storm we had. Sleet isn’t bad to walk on, unless you’re going downhill. See the ramp – yep, I was pretty trapped until it melted.


Brandy said...

Thats how my yard looked for a few hours in early february. At least it LOOKED like snow, right?
83 degrees? WOW!

christa said...

We can just start seeing some green patches where the snow is melting but then we get these huge puddles. Be careful on that ramp.

Michele said...

The rain came after I got home last night..less and less snow, woohppee!

OH WOW!! I have to comment about the hunk below.

EEEEK!! I used to have the HOTS for his DAD!! and Mega LUST for his Uncle!!

He looks just like his His uncle when he was MUCH younger.
Ooh La lA !
This feels VERY weird ... because I DO appreciate the fine looks of Oliver.
Genetics are a wonderful thing.

I'm glad Spring is on it's way - not so glad that it means possible tornados. *shudder*

Wow, how strange it is right now that we've lost an hours' time.

Hope you have easy adjustments!

Susan said...

Thanks for rubbing your 83 degree temp in. It's snowing here right now!

Meretta said...

We still have snow up to our waists, but it's a melting a little more each day. I expect we'll get another dumping or two before winter calls it quits sometime in April. Or May. It's good to never get your hopes set on one particular month. ;)

Toni Anderson said...

LOL, I'm with Meretta. It ain't gone till it's gone!

And a hint--can't you get some salt for your ramp? Or skates? ;) I can see you doing a *planned* somersault into your convertible.


Bailey Stewart said...

Well, it's only supposed to get up to 72 today ... but thunderstorms expected this afternoon.

Bailey Stewart said...

FBA - I'll probably pick up some salt for next year.

Tori Lennox said...

Do not get me started on the fun of Tornado Season. Oy! Once in a lifetime is more than enough.

catslady said...

It rained all day yesterday and got in the high 50's so most of our snow is gone. Here's hoping that's the end of it.