Monday, March 26, 2007


I haven't done a book promotion in a while, in fact, I haven't done a book review about that same amount of time. What have I been doing? Who knows. But when I heard that Sasha White, one of my favorite erotica authors, had her first single author anthology, Lush, coming out - well, I had to say something. I love Sasha's work. I love how she weaves a story - and no one is hotter. So if you're looking for a great erotica - I'd recommend checking out Lush. There's a reason Sasha White is one of my auto-buys.

A gallery show casing erotic art is the setting for these three sensual stories. A take charge gallery owner finds the tables turned by a sexy carpenter…A relationship-shy jewelry designer meets her match in a man devoted to her pleasure…A beautiful massage therapist shows a photographer how much fun candid shots can be…
In three scorching tales, Sasha White reveals the art of pure pleasure.

"Within the pages of LUSH, you will discover three sensual tales that will have you laughing, crying and grabbing for a fan to cool off. Ms. White does an excellent job penning these short stories to read like full length novels. The characterization, imagery and intriguing plots will keep you mesmerized until you have finished the last page." -Billie Jo, reviewer for Romance Junkies

"Sasha White’s stories are molten lava all wrapped up in spun silk. Richly emotional and highly passionate, these erotic stories take the reader on a sensuous journey inside the bedroom and out. These sexually explosive novellas will undoubtedly leave you breathless and begging for more. Sasha White continues to have a spot on my keeper shelf." -Cathryn Fox, author of Pleasure Control

Please check out the erotic LUSH GALLERY on Sasha's website



by Sasha White

She was late.
Damn it. She hated being late. To Caitlyn, lateness was just plain rude. People who said they were always late ‘no matter what’ were people who didn’t care about others, even as a common courtesy.

In this case, she was late for two reasons. Okay, really it was one reason. She wasn’t sure being the model for her best friend’s line of erotic body decorations was a good idea. And because she was unsure, she’d let herself get distracted by Ben, therefore making herself late. And testy.

Her energy was super high and she was strung tight. Part of it was frustration from watching Ben and not being able to take care of herself. If she’d been smart enough to carry the silly little pocket rocket she had, maybe she’d have been able to give herself a little quick TLC.

But part of her also felt like something big was about to happen. There was a small burn of anticipation running through her.

She gave herself a mental shake. Oh well, life goes on. Really, she could masturbate anytime, but these photos meant a lot to Mia and she’d already had to postpone once, she wouldn’t do it again.

Cait finished climbing the stairs to Jack Lowell’s studio loft and knocked on the door.

Big place. She wondered if there were other studios like it available in the building. One with a window facing east for the sunshine would be wonderful. She could maybe finally have her own little holistic healing center, she’d only need a tiny space for a bedroom, and the rest of the loft would be workspace.

As she was peeking around to see if there were any other doors or apartments, the one behind her opened.

“It’s about time you got here.” The voice was deep and harsh. As if it were rusty from disuse.

Caitlyn turned back to the studio loft and stared at the man there. He had short, dark blond hair that was mussed and spiked up all over, not in a style, but in a who-gives-a-damn way. He had jeans and a gray t-shirt on and looked somewhat presentable, except for the black wisps drifting through his aura.

The man was messed up. The light base told her he was intelligent. He was physically fit, but the location and movement of the darkness told her he was feeling pretty negative, even depressed.

“Jack Lowell?”

“Who else would be answering my door? Come in, already. You’re late.”

Charming too, she thought as she walked into the loft. When she was close enough to see past the photographer’s facial hair and scowl, she almost gasped at the beautiful green eyes. Surrounded by long thick eyelashes, his piercing gaze gave the impression he could see everything. And the shadows she saw flickering in them told her he had seen a lot.

Enough to cast the darkness she saw in his soul.

Jack shut the door behind the woman and wondered what the hell Teal had been thinking to send him an overweight model.

Then he heaved a mental sigh and decided it was none of his business. Teal Jamison might be a friend who was kind enough to send him some commercial work to help pay his bills, but she was also her own businesswoman, and a smart one. So he’d just take the pictures and mind his own business.

Besides, this was a one time only thing for him. He photographed objects, not people, what did he know about models?

“There’s a screen over there,” he said, and pointed to the corner of the room next to his drop cloth set up. “You can get undressed there.”

She stood in the middle of the room, gazing around for a minute before she turned to him and held out her hand. “I’m Caitlyn Ellis.”

“I know.”

Her eyes ran over him and he was suddenly aware that he hadn’t shaved for days. A shiver ran down his spine and he wondered what she saw. He’d showered; he was clean.
She had a strange expression on her face and he wondered if she was nervous about posing for him. “You’re safe to get undressed, but if you want to call a friend so you’re not alone with me, I’ll wait.” I’ll be pissed off, but I’ll wait.

“No,” she shook her head. “I’m fine with you. Where do I undress?”

He pointed to the corner again and she turned and went toward it. When she was behind the screen, he listened to the sounds of her clothes coming off and fought the urge to sneak a shot of whiskey. He had a bottle of Jack Daniels in the kitchen area and the craving was strong.

“Do you take a lot of nude portraits?” she asked as she came out from behind the screen.

Holy shit!

She hadn’t bothered with a robe and she walked over the center of the drop cloth completely naked and natural. Big, beautiful breasts were the first things he noticed. Then, the fact that they were both pierced with sapphire tipped studs. Shanks? Barbell’s, that’s what they were called, a barbell.

“You didn’t bring a robe?” He tried not to stare. He’d seen naked women before. Plenty of them, in fact.

But Caitlyn was beautiful. She reminded him of those old oil paintings of well-rounded renaissance women stretched out decadently on a chaise lounge. Lush and sensual, with soft creamy skin that was made for a man’s touch. And a completely shaven pussy.

He swallowed and tried not to notice his body’s reaction.


Meretta said...

I know Sasha in a round about kind of way. She's from Alberta, too. ;)

I meant to introduce myself to her at Nationals in Reno, but then thought I'd look like a kook/stalker/newbie doing so and so I only smiled.

She smiled back. :D

Brandy said...

Whoa! Um, ice water, need ice water!

Sasha said...

Aww, Thanks Bailey!! Your words have brought a huge grin to my face!!

Meretta!! Don't ever be shy around me! :)
Are you from Alberta? Where?

Brandy. *grin* sorry, no ice water here.. just more hot story. LOL.

Meretta said...

Hi, Sasha. :) I'm from a small town called Lougheed, but now live in Cold Lake. I've also called Calgary and Edmonton home.

If you're going to Dallas this year, I'll be sure to introduce myself this time! ;)

Sasha White said...

I know Cold Lake! Well, not KNOW it, but know where it is.LOL

I'm not going to Dallas this year. I'm sure you know how expensive it is for us to go to a conference like that, so I only go to one a year, adn this year I'll be going to the Romantic TImes conference in Houston.

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Bailey!!

I'm definitely picking up your book, Sasha!

Sasha White said...

YAY!! I hope you enjoy it, Kelly!!

Susan said...

Bailey, your review of "Kink" made me read and now you've done it again! I'm definitely going to be ordering "Lush".

Sasha White said...

YAY Susan, I'm glad you're getting hooked! *grin*

catslady said...

I just won Kink at RJ from Sasha - woohoo - lucky me!!

Siobhan said...

That's hot stuff. I'm with Brandy. Where's the ice water?

Ruby55 said...

Whew, hot is right.

That's what I am in a different way in my new apartment. The couple next door seem to need at least 25C as room temperature. I wonder why?!?

All I do is get a headache because I can't take this kind of heat.

Toni Anderson said...

Oh boy :) Hot, hot stuff. Looks great Sasha!

Meretta said...

Awww. I'll miss you, Sasha! :( Had I gone farther in the American Title contest I would have attended RT this year and we could have met!

I'm doubly disappointed!

I bet you'll see the top two finalists there though. Kim Howe is from Stoufville, ON. Jenny Gardiner is from Pennsylvania, I believe. They're both great gals.