Friday, March 09, 2007

Happy Spamday

Happy birthday Diane. My wish for you in this coming year is peace, laughter, love and friendship. You are very special to me. Love you. (and look – no screamers)

Tired of useless exercises for penis enlargement? (I don’t believe it. I’ve tried exercising and not one large penis has come near me.)
I am your friend. (and you are … ?)
Be so candelabra. (I’d rather be a chandelier)
Jeanne – 100% results (Jeanne – you been testing?)
Amazing! They told her she was APPROVED. (THEY DID. OH WOW! Jeanne’s been approved.)
All pain goes, but not forever. (If you’d quit hitting yourself with the hammer it would.)
Another devotee. (That’s Angie, she's my new buddy.)
Hijacker planetarium (Someone hijacked a planetarium? What did they say – take me away or I’ll stick it up Uranus?)
Clearance cream (I don’t even want to know)
This one is what you need on Thursday. (Thursday’s are poor neglected days, but I don’t think spam is going to help them.)
New found sex drive. (Is that next to the hard drive?)
Found himself beset where? (That’s what I was asking.)
At Bailey (Oh, he’s not going to attack me. I’ll put him in the backyard.)
A man with a small dick is like a candle that is almost burned. (Yes, grasshopper)
Say “I can have sex all night long!” (I can have sex all night long.)
“Those kids would be more inclined.” (Well yeah, they’re younger than me.)


Lis said...

Happy birthday Diane!

lol, now why would they want to hijack a planetarioun? unless they wanted to bring back pluto then I'm all for it *g*

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

I, too, vote for bringing back Pluto as a planet. Um, don't they still call it a PLANET, just now it's called a dwarf planet? Who comes up with that stuff?
You ge tthe best Spam!!

Dru said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

Thanks for the Spam laughs.

Michele said...

Happy B-Day, Diane!

Oh. My. Aching.Sides!!!

Uranus? LOL!
You had so many inspired quips in today's Spamarama, I can't tell you which is my favorite ... and not a clock in sight!

Way to go, Bailey!

Shirley said...

This is better than ever, Bailey. They're all so good I don't know which I like best.

Meretta said...

Happy Birthday, Diane!

I don't need any clearance cream either, Bailey.

Angie-la said...

Bailey, I so look forward to Friday's Spam-fest. And you mentioned me! Cool!
Yes, yes I am now your devoted minion...have me do as you wish. Shall I break out the Clearance Cream?

and may I also add:
Happy Birthday Diane!

Diane said...

Thank you Bailey - love you too. And thanks to everyone else too.

Susan said...

Happy birthday Diane!

You out did yourself this week!

Siobhan said...

Happy Spamday, Bailey and Happy Birthday Diane! (((Hugs)))

Olga said...

Happy Birthday, Diane! And, Bailey, thanks for the laughs. It made my day.

Toni Anderson said...


LOL. Those kids are younger than me too :)

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Diane.

Once again you've outspammed me, Bailey!

Marty said...

Happy (belated) b-day to Diane :) And the hard drive comment made me snort.

Amelia Elias said...

Great Spamorama! The first one almost made me snort Diet Dr. Pepper out my nose.