Friday, March 23, 2007

Spamarama Ding Dong

Add that new dick this Spring. (I never even got the old one.)
Don’t waste your time, have sex immediately. (Sorry, haven’t added that new dick yet.)
He marital. (The dick? Wow.)
What’s the deal with Travelzoo? (Travelzoo? If you try to tell me that my new dick comes from a zoo, I may go postal.)
This convinced me that some of you might like to see them too. (Well yes, if I’m going to add a new dick, I’d like to pick it out myself.)
Or my roundhead. (Keep you pants on fella.)
Avoid enhancement pills. (Avoid them? Why, are they accosting people on the streets and making them swallow the pills?)
It ruled out involvement of any hostile fire. (Wow, you guys are getting serious about this erectile dysfunction thingy.)
Do you have ED? Forget about it. (Ed? Ed who? How can I forget who I don’t know?)
Not much of a man. (Obviously, that’s why I forgot him.)
Henry assumed his role in September 1995. (Henry assumed the role of Ed?)
Morning Ethiopians due. (Hey buddy, not until the evening ones are done.)
You are taking aspirin, do not drink alcoholic beverages, and stand naked. (Do not drink alcoholic beverages and stand naked; or take aspirin and stand naked, but do not drink alcoholic beverages? I have to be clear on this before Saturday night.)


Brandy said...

I'm sensing a theme! *G* Good gracious, Ed must be one lucky fella!

Dru said...

LOL! I sure hope I don't dream about Ed, Henry, Dick. Or perhaps I should ;)

Marty said...

Wow, you weren't kidding, LOL! Great way to start the day :D

Bernita said...

Lotsa long dong silver's a round these days it seems...

Tori Lennox said...

Boy, these spammers really need to go back to school and study grammar, don't they? *g*

Susan said...

I just got one this morning that said "Mine is bigger than yours". Yes there definitely a theme here! *g*

Thanks for the funny Spamarama, great as always!

christa said...

I would think if you drank enough alcoholic beverages to stad naked, you'd need asprin in the morning (extra strength)

Love these as always.

Shirley said...

These have to be the best yet!

Toni Anderson said...


catslady said...

I thought it was suppose to be Tom, Dick and Harry lol.

Congrats on winning over at Donna's :)

Meretta said...

Obviously your Saturday nights are much more exciting than mine!

Melissa said...

LOL! Thanks for that Friday dose of spam.