Friday, March 16, 2007


No prof go mississippian. (I’ve had some go native.)
Plus, with the wooden stand, a hot laptop no longer means a lowered sperm count. (There’s been a problem with that?)
Defiantly coast guard. (Yeah, that’s the Coast Guard, defiant to the end.)
Do you know that? (That’s what my dad always said.)
Don’t know where to buy pills? (Um, my guess would be … the drugstore?)
Never struggle with your jewelry again. (That’s what I took self defense for – I was tired of being beaten up by my jewelry.)
From all of us at Infraspection Institute, Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. (Isn’t it a little late for Thanksgiving? I think you’ve been infraspecting too much)
Fork intention final straw. (Oh yeah? Well fork you.)
Your dick will explode. (Not if I don’t pull the pin.)
How do I use Viagra Soft tabs? (Don’t worry about it, your dick will explode anyway.)
Silly Willy? (yep, silly willy. Kaboom!)
Amnesia meteorite. (another victim of the hijacked planetarium. When will it stop?)
Get ready for love in just 15 minutes. (Hugh’s coming over?)
He said he would wait 2 weeks if he were him. (If not Hugh, then who?)
Sorry to be late. (Oh no! Spam!)


Brandy said...

Love the 'silly willy, KABOOM!' That had me laughing so hard Daughter wanted to know why! I just told her the you were being hilarious!
And wooohoo, the Irish outfited avatar is killer! Have a good friday. *g*

Meretta said...

Sadly, I, too, struggle with my jewelry. ;)

Lis said...

Is there a group for those of us who struggle with jewelry? lol The darn clasps always get me.

Ah a defiant coastguard, just don't let him near the soft tabs and the amnesia meteorite :o)

Dru said...

Good morning,


Bernita said...

"Your dick will explode..."
Oh, Bailey!

Toni Anderson said...

LOL. Is Hugh there yet?

Susan said...

'Kaboom!' ~ Too funny! lmao

Make sure you keep us udated on Hugh.

catslady said...

Funny as always. Thanks for brightening our day.

Angie-la said...

I actually think there is a support group for those of us with unruly jewelry.
And if not, all those exploding dicks should keep our minds occupied....

Sandy J said...

Bailey, you rock! ROTFL!