Friday, November 16, 2007

Bleak Spam

Change your baby banana to a large banana. (Now quit monkeying around.)
Attract and meet your dream mate tonight. (Oh Hugh!)
Win real money. (As opposed to Monopoly money?)
Now you can even parade your penis. (Has anybody told Macy’s this?)
I’m so stupid, but they even call me dummy! (If the name fits …)
Now your penis will be too big to be covered by your hat. (You know, I haven’t seen a lot of men walking around with hats covering their penises.)
It’s true. (I really doubt that.)
Who will know? (Hat makers?)
From now on small breasts will never be the cause of your embarrassment. (Not if I have a penis too big to be covered by my hat.)


Brandy said...

Your Spam is outrageous! Thanks for the smile and giggle. *g*

Marty said...

Bravo! I doff my hat to your expertise, lol!

Shesawriter said...


I got something today that said:

"Shesawriter, do you want to make your penis bigger for just one low price?"

I was almost tempted to respond with a few choice words, but thought better of it. Why do these people waste their time with this stuff? It's disgusting.

Christa said...

hilarious as always Queen Bailey

Susan said...

Parents are going to have to cover their kids eyes during the Macy’s Day Parade now. *g*

You out did yourself this week.

raine said...

Ok, I'm starting to get a lot of this crap, so I'm starting to wonder...
Do men with small dicks just naturally sit around and read spam? Because it all seems to be pointed at them...

Michele said...