Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Free Thinking

That’s Bubba with his “Who, me?” look on his face. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a picture of one of my cats and this is one of my favorites.

So I sit here tonight waiting for Dancing With the Stars to come on and what do I find while channel surfing? It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas! Even though I have it on DVD, I’m still watching it, commercials and all. It’s what I call “found treasure”. You know, you’re channel surfing and come across something that you love and didn’t know was on?

BooBear is cuddled up against me, his favorite position. He’s been getting under the blanket and yesterday he did something that he’s never done in his whole 2 years. He got on my lap. Yep, crawled up there and settled himself in under the blanket. I was afraid to move because I know that my skittish baby would run off. The phone rang, which scared him away, but wouldn’t you know it – he got right back up there. I was amazed. BooBear was brought into the house at the age of around 4 months (he was part of the feral group outside), and because he had ringworm, he spent the next month in a cage, so he was almost 6 months old before he was held and cuddled. He doesn’t like to be picked up and carried and he cuddles on his own terms. He’s afraid of almost everything.

I’m reading The Trouble With Paradise by The Shalvis. Reading, reviewing … can actual writing be far behind? It’s been so long since I’ve written.

That’s it for this Tuesday night, and all the random thoughts I can come up with. Hope your Wednesday is a good one.


Brandy said...

Aww, Bubba looks so cute!
I have a cat like your Boobear. Oreo only likes to be petted and loved on on her terms. She's a rescue.
Have a good evening and enjoy Charlie Brown. *g*

Melissa said...

Love the pic of Bubba! And we have one like Boobear. She came with our old house, but lived that first year on her own. Finally she adopted us. Now she stays outside in summer and in/out the rest of the year. She's just started sleeping with the kids at night and now loves to be petted.

My kids watched Charlie Brown, too. Shrek's special is on tonight! I adore Puss in Boots so I want to watch it!

Susan said...

Could Bubba get anymore comfortable. He is definitely the King of your home.

BooBear sounds so much like my Callie! She was more then a year old when we took her in and I'm the only one she sleeps with. I think that is because of my limited movement, smart cat! ;)

bebo said...

Oooh! BooBear on your lap! That WAS a treat!
Now... how quickly did you have to scratch/move/pee? Always happens when the skittish one climbs on top of you. Never fails.

Bailey Stewart said...

He hasn't done it since.

spyscribbler said...

That's definitely a found treasure! What a cutie! Bubba looks like my Big Lug. :-)

Meretta said...

I love your cat stories and live vicariously since DH is allergic!

Dru said...

Bubba looks so cute. I just love all those holiday specials when I come across them. I'm waiting patiently for Frosty The Snowman.

Have a good week.

Bailey Stewart said...

Meretta, I'm going to try to take more pictures of them to post, promise.

Melissa Marsh said...

One of our kittens - well, she's 8 months old now - was very skittish at first. You couldn't get her to come sit on your lap for anything. Lately, though, she's grown much friendlier and likes to jump up beside me and cuddle.

I have Charlie Brown on VHS - need to succumb and buy the DVD!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

What a cutie! We watched Grinch and Shrek the Halls last night. The kids loved the new Shrek one.

Lis said...

Bubba's a cutie!

Watched Charlie Brown the other night too. :) And taped Shrek last night. Love that they're playing them early this year (least it seems earlier to me!)