Friday, October 24, 2008

Rocky Horror Spam Show

Genuine Passion, Genuine Joy. (Fake boobs, male enhancements)
We’re just starting. (Wake me when it’s over.)
The aim of this message is to help you achieve better health. (No, the aim of this message is to get me to spend my money. I ain’t stupid … )
Watches alert! (Why? Have they been stealing time?)
Do you know what chicks like? (Hmmm, let me think … seed?)
Is this correct? (According to Wikipedia.)
What every woman wants from their man. (A credit card with no limit?)

Oh, that's Aidan at the right end, with his friends Monster Cat and Zeke. Yeah, I'm silly.


bebo said...

With a title like that I was expecting the picture of Aidan in a black merry-widow & heels... Oh well. That's my twisted mind at work again.

Oh, and the watches alert? Is that kin to the stolen alarm clocks?

Brandy said...

Actually I thought Bebo might be on to something......*G* Watches AND Alarm Clocks ARE quite similar! *G*

catslady said...

Love the pic lol.

Susan said...

Aidan has never looked better!

Great Spam. LOL