Friday, October 17, 2008

The Spammy Returns

Iva debt (Iva debt too!)
I meet and chat with you. (Sorry, my calendar is full …)
From stunning Brunette (Oooooh, Hugh!!!)
You are what you wear. (Now you tell me …)
Woman hunt movie (That Sarah Palin, she’ll hunt anything)
Salute (No, a bow will do)
Doctor’s secretly recommend you this store (Is the store that embarrassed?)
Old secret manner to solve your passion problem (Tried that, it doesn’t work)
Don’t you agree to be sick! (I’ll try not to if you agree not to make me sick)
Confirm your order! (Okay, okay all ready, I’ll confirm that I want you to bow!!!)


bebo said...

Whadaya mean, "you are what you wear"???!!! Does that mean I'm sweats?

Good grief!

And look out! That Mummy dude is bad news!

catslady said...

Yeah the new mummy doesn't have the same librarian - bummer.

Brandy said...

Ooh, I hope I'm not what I wear! T-shirts and shorts won't cut it out in the real world. *G*
I haven't seen the newest Mummy movie, but I know it won't be the same without the real Evie!
Have a pleasant day!

Susan said...

Be careful of those Hugh impersonator's, Bailey!

Olga said...

Lol on spamarama, and I haven't seen the new Mummy movie either, though I loved the previous ones.