Monday, October 27, 2008

There's a Method to my Monday

As I’m sitting here another cold front is moving in. Tomorrow should be great temperature wise – 45 in the morning, 65 for the high. These are the temperatures that I enjoy the most. Pants, flannel shirts, flannel sheets, snuggling down into the blankets. Piling the bed with lots of blankets, the room so cold you could see your breath – I sleep better when it’s cold. I’m really not much on turning on the heat – only for a shower, or to protect the pipes – I’d much rather snuggle. I have more energy the colder it gets; you could almost say that I come alive when the temperatures drop. I do have a seasonal disorder, just not the one you hear so much about – the winter blues. Nope, I have the summer time blues (isn’t there a song there somewhere?). If I sweat when I move, I don’t like it. LOL

What about you? What’s your favorite temperature – and why?

Another picture that I made. This is Monster Cat, and this is his Halloween Picture.


Susan said...

We are lucky if it hits 30 in the morning and 45 for a high.

My favorite temperature is around 20 degrees. That's when we break out the fleece pullovers that I love!

Great picture of Monster Cat!

bebo said...

Oooh! Minstrel Monster Cat! Cool!

And that brings me to the weather I like best: cool. Mid-range temps are my fav. Too cold & I'm miserable, too hot & I can't breathe. Fall & Spring - unfortunately the two seasons that fly by too quickly in TX.

Brandy said...

I'm enjoying the temps we have now. Fall is truly my favorite time of year. Today's high is 56 and I'm loving it. *g*

I hope your day goes well!

Melissa Marsh said...

I am exactly like you. I love to be chilly and to snuggle under blankets. I hate summer and hate being hot. I do MUCH better during the fall and winter months emotionally and physically!

Toni Anderson said...

Not flipping winter, that's for sure! I like fall and spring too. Probably spring best because winter is so long and hard up here.

Anonymous said...

I'm with, Toni. Winter is too long in Canada. My favorite temps are about 20C. Just warm enough, but not too warm.

catslady said...

I'm another spring person. Our highs are in the 30's and we're expecting snow - bah humbug.