Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday, Wherefore Art Though Wednesday

You know I could sit here and stare at this screen forever and still not have something to blog about. Well, except for the excitement I had Tuesday morning. I’m already running about 5 minutes late when I yanked open the front door this morning, only to have a sheet of paper fall to the ground. Usually I just glance at them and toss them on the table near the door and go on my way. For some reason that morning I really looked at what I held in my hands. Yep. Panic time. Jeanne, you really don’t want to leave yet, it does get better. I think. Anyway the apartment complex was doing maintenance that day and would be coming by to change the a/c filter. OMG. I don’t think I’ve shown a picture of my office set-up yet, so I’ll try to describe it. I’m using the dining room, a small area off of the kitchen. On one wall is the a/c whatchamacalit; the panel thing with the cold air intake. My desk slides up against it on one side. It only covers the last two slots of the vent. I then have some shelves on the desk. These have no backs, so by leaving the bottom one empty the a/c intake vent is clear and does its job. Did I mention that it’s all on carpet? Did I also mention that my father made this desk and it is solid wood? Didn’t think so. Wake up Brandy, it’ll be over soon. I quickly pulled the shelves off of the desk, scattering parts of the set-up throughout the room and into the living room. Then I looked at the desk. How in the world was I going to move it? If you grab onto the top of the desk to pull, it lifts up. I don’t know what’s going on there, but it made it impossible to pull on the only viable part of the desk. Great. Next I moved the PC and monitor off of the desk as they are a bit heavy. At this point it was around a quarter to 9. Did I mention I have to be at work by 9? Did I mention it takes me about 15 minutes to get there if the lights are fond of me that day? Didn’t think so. I stared back at the mammoth white elephant in front of me. Swan? This is more important than that business call, put the phone down. Where was I? Hmmm, oh, the desk! Thank you Christa. So I stood looking at the desk wondering how in the hell I was going to move it. I really hate this desk, but my father made it. So I’m sentimentally attached to it. But I hate it. Really. So, with the top of the desk out of the equation, that only left the bottom. The desk was a little lighter without the PC and monitor so I was able to lift it a little and “walk” it forward a little bit. Repeat on the other side; back and forth I went until it was out far enough that I could walk behind it. Susan, that blog isn’t as interesting as this one, get back here. It was now approximately a quarter after 9. Did I mention that I get paid by the hour? And did I mention that I’m running out of money, so every dollar is valuable? Didn’t think so. I ended up being a half hour late for work. Thankfully I’m working with someone else who has a key to the store or they would have been up a creek without a keyboard. Or something like that. That was my Tuesday. The a/c filter has been changed, but no longer looks exactly flush against the wall. This could be interesting …. Hi Raine!!
Oh, the picture? That's Tramp and the Halloween picture I made for him.


Christa said...

I have an entertment uit that is to heavy for me to move but the only place I can put it here is the wall in front of heater rad. But in that corner is also a dial that gets stuck sometimes so the heater doesn't shut off when I tell it to so the entertment unit can't go right against the wall because super has to get behind there.
I'm lucky here the super usually sends a notice a day or 2 before any maintaintance men need in my apartment.

bebo said...

Oooh I like Capt Jack Monster!

And my furnire that can't be moved is the desk that Howie & your dad made for me. Talk about a white elephant! Yikes!

Brandy said...

We have several pieces of furniture that I can't move, but they only block electrical outlets.
The picture is cute, even if it's supposed to be a monster. *G*

JJ said...

... I'm sorry, what were you saying? Something about something? I don't know... I lost you at some point... you know... the phone calls and all! LOL

catslady said...

roflmao (I wouldn't have dared leave) - my favorite pic so far! Surely the big, strong (assuming he is big and strong considering his field of work) maintenance man could have moved it?????? Glad you didn't hurt yourself too.