Friday, October 10, 2008


do u need Good pay job?? (no, I need those low paying ones)
I absolutely love you! (Are you sure?)
Here (What? Has it had its shots?)
Leg craps (I’d see a doctor about that – and quick.)
Muhhaahahahahahahahaha (It wasn’t that funny.)
Titanic dimensions without much effort. (But the Titanic sank … )
From Susie (Leave her out of this, will ya? And she’ll tell you that it sank too. Haven’t you seen the movie?)
Oxygen debt (Oh great! What other kind of debt can I get into? No, don’t answer that. Is there a bailout?)
Debt advice (Don’t take another breath until you can pay for the last one?)
Don’t allow ladies to offend you (Wonderful! See, I’m not paranoid ….)
Say I can have sex all night long. (I can have sex all night long … Sorry, didn’t work. Are there Ruby Slippers involved?)

Pssst Can you see BooBear in the picture above? Look closely ....


Michele said...

Is Boo Bear in the Tree?
Very cute!

and, funny , as usual.
As far as the 'sex all night long', LOL, I am shocked you didn't say YES, if it were Hugh. LOLOL

bebo said...

Dr Spamenstein has worked her majic and created a *monster* of a post!


Tori Lennox said...

LOL! There's nothing worse than leg craps. *g*

Brandy said...

Even oxygen has gone into debt. Dang!
Aww, Boo Bear looks like a cutie up in the tree!

I hope you're having a nice Friday!

JJ said...

Nothing like some good Spam to cheer up the day!

catslady said...

How cute with BooBear in the tree lol.

Susan said...

How did you get Boo Bear to pose so nice in the Tree?

Love the "Spamenstein"!

raine said...

Yes, in the tree--and I LOVE that painting! :)