Monday, October 13, 2008

We'll look at Bev from both sides now

So on October 3 I had to take Bebo for some tests – an endoscopy (sp?) and a colonoscopy. The title of this blog? That’s what the anesthesiologists sang to Bebo (whose real name is Beverly) as she was going to sleep. LOL It was pretty funny. We (the nurse and I) had quite a time trying to get her to wake up. I knew she was coming out of it when she called me a bitch. Yeppers, that’s my Bebo. And it was that sort of a day. On the way over to her apartment that morning I passed the CVS Pharmacy. They have one of those, ohhh what are they called, um, marquee signs out front advertising their specials. There is was, Flogers coffee. Yep, the best part of waking up is a flogging with your cup. We laughed about that for a good couple of days. The results of the tests - the good news is that there isn’t any cancer or anything; the bad part is that they still don’t know what is causing her anemia. So now she has to have one of those tests where she swallows the camera/pill and they take pictures.

I got the stitches out Sunday morning. They had already begun falling out on their own anyway. The wound is still gaping a little, so the doctor put on butterfly strips and I have to keep the hand pretty immobile (like that’s going to happen) until the strips fall off. I hope they do so before Thursday as that’s when I return from my vacation. It’ll be hard to keep the area sanitary in that dirty store if the wound isn’t closed.

That’s really all there is – I know, you can hardly contain your excitement over my full and vivacious life!!

Oh, and can you find Aidan in the picture above? You can click on it to make it larger, I think. LOL


bebo said...

Aidan is so cute in the picture!

And yes, we did have fun being silly that day did we?

I had a flogging w/ my cup this morning!

Tori Lennox said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't drink coffee.... *g*

catslady said...

I found Aidan but did have to enlarge the pic.

I had that same test done last year and they never found anything either but I think I had a one time episode. Hope yours clears up too Bebo.

Your hand is a perfect excuse to get comfy and do nothing but read :)

Bailey Stewart said...

I've been having a bit of fun with this new "free" photoshopping program.

Really Bebo? And was it, um, gooooood?

Tori - you're missing out sweetie! ;)

Jeanne - oh, read, yeah I might do that ... *gg*

Brandy said...

Ewww for Flogers! *G* No coffee for me thanks.
I'm getting a kick out of these pictures!
I hope they figure out what's going on with Bebo and the anemia. And best of luck with the hand and it's healing!

Susan said...

I never drink coffee and now I know why!

Yep, I found Aidan.

Wishing you and Bebo better health soon. Hugs

glenice said...

wow! I thought things had been eventful for me...

My youngest turned 15 today!!! How does that work...I REALLY hate getting old :)

well I found Aidan but what I really want to know is how did he get there...he NEVER leaves the house :)

Denise McDonald said...

hugs to Bebo... but did she give you a bruise :-) (teasing!)

JJ said...

I wonder if I started Flogging people in the morning if I would be in a better mood? Hmmm It might be worth a shot... who knows, I might just find my inner "Morning Person" LOL Or not!