Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Days of T.O.'s Lives

Like sands through the hour glass …

A recap of this week’s episodes:

When we last saw our intrepid, spoiled, athlete he had been rushed to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. Did he take 35 pills? Did he try to end his well-moneyed life? How did the private report leak to the press? These were the questions that haunted this sleepy burg in the middle of the week.

It was a circus. So here’s the low-down. T.O., trying to recuperate from hand surgery so that he can return to the field, mixed supplements with pain pills (no overdose). Experts say when this is done the individual involved will become disoriented and groggy. So when the ever-diligent police officer asked T.O. if he had tried to hurt himself, he replied in the affirmative. If the police officer had asked him if he were 9 months pregnant with quintuplets, T. O. would have said yes. After a night in the hospital, T.O. was back on the practice field the next day. I haven’t heard yet whether he will be playing today or not, but he is intent on playing against the Eagles next week.

So other than the unusual soap opera, what else do I have to say about today’s game? Vince Young will be making his debut as the starting QB for the Titans, not the veteran Kerry Collins. Fresh meat. A baby on the NFL gridiron. This isn’t college ball Vince. You’ve never faced the likes of Roy Williams, Marcus Spears, Greg Ellis, DeMarcus Ware, Terence Newman and Anthony Henry. Ware is number 94. It will be tattooed on your chest by the end of the game. And you Titan RB’s? You should be pretty fresh at the end since the stingy Cowboy defense is not likely to allow you to run very much. Do we win this game? It’s those nasty intangibles. Vince Young could step into the pocket an assured player, confident in his abilities. The Cowboy’s defense could decide that it’s a picnic and not give it their all. And there’s those awful penalties that plagued last weeks game. A team can defeat itself with penalties alone.

These are the Days of T.O.’s Lives …

Update: T.O. is dressed and is supposed to start, but even the pre-game analysts are saying don't be sure until he steps out on the field.


Scott said...

And I see that he is playing. I tuned in just in time for the first touchdown, not thinking the game was televised here in New England, but I was wrong.


Susan said...

You can keep T.O.! Sooner or later he'll destroy the 'Boys like he did his previous two teams.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh Susan, I said it when they signed him, he'll behave the first year and then return to his former narcissitic (sp?) self and cause all sorts of problems. He can't help himself. But I'm not going to deny that he's a good player. And I still say that his being on the field opens up Terry Glenn and others for receptions - like Glenn's two TD's. I don't like the guy, but then I'm not alone. I just hope he'll keep to his first year behavior and not self-destruct before then.

Brandy said...

Just pooping in to say HI!

Michele said...

Sports? You are talking sports? That's a foreign language to me.

What's a T.O.?

Well, hope you had a good Sunday and your Mom too!


Dennie McDonald said...

TO is the bain of all things good in pro sports

so what if he has talent... so did Emmitt and he was someone you could respect after the game ended

Rene said...

He is such a loser! But I think I've mentioned that before.

Check this out! In Hawaii football comes on at 7:30 a.m. We didn't see much in the way of games but I think hubby liked the idea of waking up to football.