Saturday, April 22, 2006

How Many?

Stole this from Meretta. This is how the game works...The person before you has asked a How many ??? question. You answer the question in the comments and then ask your own How many ??? question. The next person to come along answers that question and then gets to ask their own How many ??? question...and so on and so on. Be sure to come back later and answer your question. Since I'm at work, this will give you something to amuse yourselves while I'm gone.

I'll go first and make it a little easy (easy only if you've been paying attention)

How many hours do I work on Saturday?


Brandy said...

Um, four? I know you said you cut back your hours. Is the question I ask supposed to be about me, or something in general?

Bailey Stewart said...

Four is correct. The question can be "How many" of anything, but mostly its personal.

Bailey Stewart said...

For example:

How many boxes do I have in my Wheaties Box collection?

Bebo said...

18 wheaties boxes (more or less)

How many jobs have I had in the last year (Apr 05 - Apr 06)?

Bailey Stewart said...

24 Boxes

Oh boy, that's a hard one. Okay - 4? (Are we counting the temp jobs?)

How many years have I worked at the bookstore?

bebo said...

3 jobs

nothing else to count

Brandy said...

Eve, don't remember if you've said anything about how long you've worked there since I've been visiting!
OK, (thanks for the heads up) How many children do I have? (I made it EASY!!)

Bailey Stewart said...

2 children.

Okay - since Brandy didn't answer it and I'm getting ready for work - How many years have I worked in the bookstore? (go ahead and guess)

Dennie McDonald said...

don't hit me if I say I don't understand...

I will say you worked there 6 years (?)

And now I am supposed to ask a question about me?

How many books have I sold?

Bailey Stewart said...

You've got it Dennie (and I wouldn't hit you ... hard *g*)

8 years

You have sold 3?

How many Shalvis books do I own?

Outta here folks.

Toni Anderson said...

52 shalvis books

How many pigs on my desk?

Bailey Stewart said...

Got it!

How many customers have I had in the first 20 minutes?

Susan said...

I'll guess one customer, hopefully there were more. :)

How many pets do I have?

Bailey Stewart said...

3 in 20 minutes - it's nice outside, why aren't they home doing yardwork. I'm not awake enough for customers.

Do we have to say what kind of pets? If not, then I'll just say 2.

How many Nora Roberts books did I just have to put up?

Sandy J said...

About 1,500,000?

How many times have I said "Get off those stairs!" to my twin grandsons visiting?

Meretta said...

6 times to the visiting twin grandsons.

How many pages do I hope to edit today? (assuming I get off the blogs? ;)

Amie Stuart said...

Meretta I'll guess 15!!!!!

How many pages do I hope to write today?

Bailey Stewart said...

I put away 44 Nora Roberts books - someone purged! (it just felt like 1,500,000 books)

Cece - 150 pages.

How many times this morning have I said "Can't the people who work here alphabatize"?

Susan said...

3 pets. 2 cats, Shadow & Callie, and a dog, Rascal.

How about 20 pages.

How many old pictures do I hope to restore today?

Susan said...

Eve, since I posted right after you I'll take a guess at your "How many".

Too many times to count! ;) Seriously 10 times.

Diane said...

Whoo, this is all a bit over my head. I'm probably being dim, or maybe I'm just tired, but I'm feeling a tad deficient in the intellect department. But I wanted to drop by and say hi. Hope I didn't spoil the game.

Bailey Stewart said...

At least a dozen on the alphabatize.

Susan - I say 6 pictures.

Diane - it's okay sweetie, go back to bed. You've been up all night being a groupie.

Meretta said...

Cece, I'm hoping to do at least 50. On page 7 so methinks I must get back to it!!

How many baskets of laundry did I make my 3 DDs fold this morning?

Amie Stuart said...

Eve 150???? I WISH!!!!!!!

Meretta good luck!

I'm gonna guess 4.

How many pages have I written so far? (here's a clue) BWAAAAAAAA WRITTEN!!!!!!! BWAAAAAAAA

Bailey Stewart said...

Cece - well I tried. Um I'm going to guess none.

How many idiots did I almost hit driving home?

Meretta said...

Thanks, Cece and you're right on the four baskets. You should have heard them complain! Apparently the world was ending. And FYI, I'm up to page 15/50.

Eve, I say 2 idiots on the way home.

How many movies have I watched since March 26th? (I joined an online DVD club so they're keeping track for me.)

Meretta said...

And hey! We skipped over the pigs on Toni's desk...I say 2.

Bailey Stewart said...

I thought I had answered Toni's - I guess a customer came in and I hurried with the post. Thanks for catching that Meretta.

3 idiots. 3 almost smashed their pretty cars idiots.

Let's see - 12 movies.

Good going on the edits!!

How many cars have I owned?

Sandy J said...

I say 5 cars!

How many Longaberger baskets do I own?

Bailey Stewart said...

I have actually owned, in my name (in other words, not passed down by parents but title still in their name) 3 cars. A great old Fiat, a ditzy Caravelle and the present hell on wheels.

25 baskets.

Susan said...

Only 1 pic. It's over 100 yrs old and needs a lot of work.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh wow Susan, that sounds interesting. What or who is the picture of? (I know, bad grammar, but I'm too beat tired to put together a decent sentence.)

Oooh, I forgot to ask a question. How many years have I lived in Texas?

Meretta said...

Eve, I've watched 8 movies since the 26th of March. Some good. Some bad.

And I say 16 years for Eve in Texas.

How many boxes of Girl Guides cookies have my two units sold this year?

Bailey Stewart said...

45 boxes of girl scout cookies.

We moved here in July of 1969 - so that's almost 37 years.

How many stuffed animals do I own?

Toni Anderson said...

16 years--I say 35 years in Texas!!

Three pigs (close Meretta thanks for not leaving me out :))

122 boxes Meretta.

Toni Anderson said...

Crossed posted but I was close ;-)

You own 0 stuffed animals?

How many books did I buy this morning?

Bailey Stewart said...

5 stuffed animals - my most precious is an Irish Beanie Bear that a friend of mine bought from someplace in Canada. (Couldn't get it here) And I just recieved 2 in the mail today from Olga - they are sweet.

Hmmm, 5 books?

How many months have I officially been blogging?

Amie Stuart said...

Eve you were close....more like 1/2 a page. but then I wrote a page by hand after I asked you.....

Bailey Stewart said...

I just figured the way you were "bwaaaaaa"ing that it couldn't have been much. But see, talking to me makes you write a page :)

Lis said...

Hi Eve!

Uhm officially blogging, 17 months?

Hmmm, how many flats of flowers did I start last week? *g*

Bailey Stewart said...

I started in July of last year - so 9 months.

Flats of flowers? I should know this I read it on your blog - oh heck. Ummmmm, I remember something about pansies. Let's see - 4?

How many DVD's do I own?

Lis said...

Ding ding, your right. :o) 1 pansy, 1 snaps, 1 petunia and 1 mixed.

DVDs? 27?

How many hockey games did I go to this season?

Bailey Stewart said...

64 DVD's - but that's still far less than the amount of books I own, so that's good.

Hockey games? Um, 6.

How many Hugh Jackman pictures do I have in my room?

Lis said...

So glad to know i'm not the only with a big book collection *g*

Nope, just one game. Though I was hoping to maybe get lucky and get a ticket to the playoffs.

Hugh pictures, I'm going with 18.

How many pieces of pizza do I have left?

Bailey Stewart said...

Only 5 Hugh's laying around.

If it were me there wouldn't be any pizza left. Okay - 4.

How many animals have I owned?

Lis said...

Just five? Wow!

Close, started out with 3, down to one lonely slice left.

I'll say 11 animals.

How many DVDs did I buy on my splurge trip this month?

Bailey Stewart said...

close - 15 - 1 dog, 1 bird and 13 cats.

I'll say you bought 5 DVD's.

Brandy said...

Eve, I'm feeling better, still no food.
Gonna guess Lis's question: 4 DVD's?
How many cats do I have?

Bailey Stewart said...

I think when we "met" you had 1 less cat than I, so I'm going to say 6.

How many siblings do I have?

ruby55 said...

Eve, you have 2 left. There were 3.

How many nieces and nephew do I have?

Bailey Stewart said...

Correct Ruby.

Oh, I know you've mentioned this - and now I have to remember. There's one you're very fond of ... let's see ... 5?

How many nephews and nieces do I have?

Lis said...

My guess at Brandy's, 4 cats?

Ruby - seven nieces/nephews?

Eve - six?

Nope, grabbed 7 dvds on sale :)

Have to think of another question

ruby55 said...

Not quite. 9 actually including 2 step-nephews who are just nephews to me.

You mentioned them once too. Is it 6?

How many grandchildren does my little sister have?

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh boy. Um 3 grandchildren.

5 nieces and nephews. 1 niece and 4 nephews.

How many gr-nieces and nephews do I have?

Cutting this off in about 30 minutes.

ruby55 said...

My sister has a grandson and a grand-daughter (the only grandkids so far).

Do you have 4 gr-nieces and nephews?

Actually I have 3 nieces and 6 nephews.

How many books did I, naughty girl, buy yesterday?

Bailey Stewart said...

I have 3 gr-nieces, and 6 gr-nephews (only 5 living) so that makes 9.

Naughty girl - I'm going to guess, since you feel naughty about it - 3.

How many books did I buy today?

Lis said...

Ooh books bought today? 4

Bailey Stewart said...

Surprise, surprise - only 1.

Okay Ruby - come back with your answer and then we're done here.

I'll be back later some time to publish tomorrow's post.

ruby55 said...

(bashful) Uh-uh, I got 4. But they had a discount and I had a coupon for one of them.

Brandy said...

Eve, I have 5 cats!! Had 4 then was suckerd into Oreo (wasn't hard to be suckered). This was fun! You had a great idea to follow Maretta's example!! Oh, you bought a book today? I'm jealous. I haven't been out of the house in days. May have to buy an e-book tonight. Maybe.

ruby55 said...

See you tomorrow or whenever.

Lis said...

Very fun Eve! Which book did you get?

Meretta said...

24 boxes of Girl Guide cookies was close. Kind of. 1820 would be closer though. We've got some hardworking girls in our units. ;)

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes you do.

Goodnight everyone. "Talk" atcha tomorrow.

Toni Anderson said...

meretta--did you mean big or little boxes--because I meant BIG and request a recount :)

Meretta said...

Well now, Toni. I'm glad you requested a recount. They've actually sold 1920 boxes (160 cases).

Bailey Stewart said...


You want another recount Toni - maybe the count will go higher? :)