Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Temperatures reached into the 100s on Monday and our electric company is now doing rolling blackouts. I cannot remember this ever happening before. We have broke all kinds of temperature records. It was hotter in the Ft. Worth area than in Dallas (waving at Dennie, Cece and Sandy) and this does not bode well for the coming Summer. Hey folks, it's Spring here, we're not supposed to be this hot yet. Anyway, to help conserve energy I will only be on line Tuesday morning and evening. The computer will be off during the day (I'll go a bit more crazy!) Fortunately, a cool front will be coming through Tuesday night and we will only be in the upper 70s on Wednesday - Hallelujah! (That's where our temps should be - upper 70s and lower 80s). Oh, and in case the time thing with my blogs look screwy - I've pre-written some and I want to keep the date correct, so I change it (i.e. this is going up on Monday night, but it's Tuesday's blog, so the date is the 18th, in stead of the 17th) to help me keep up.

Jo tagged me last week - so here it is:

Four jobs you've had in your life:

1. Dress store clerk
2. Archives clerk (Texas A&M at Commerce)
3. Director, Ellis County Ethnohistorical Society
4. Bookstore clerk

Four movies you'd watch over and over:

1. The Mummy
2. LOTR (but especially Return of the King)
3. While You Were Sleeping
4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Four places you have lived:

1. Des Moines, Iowa
2. Dallas, Texas
3. Commerce, Texas
4. Italy, Texas

Four TV shows you love to watch:

1. CSI (Vegas)
2. Numb3rs
3. American Idol
4. Ghost Whisperer

Four websites you visit daily (I'm only naming one - I visit too many to single out anyone)

1. Jill Shalvis

Four places you have been on vacation: (what is that?)

1. San Francisco, California
2. Las Vegas, Nevada
3. Hannibal, Missouri
4. Denver, Colorado

Four of your favorite foods:

1. Pizza
2. Potatoes (I'm Irish, what would you expect?)
3. Meatloaf
4. Chicken

Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Ireland
2. England
3. Nampa, Idaho
4. Canada


Anonymous said...

That weather is crazy!! And they're doing rolling blackouts? What's up with that? Were they just not ready, or does this have something to do with storm damage?

Bailey Stewart said...

I don't know Jason - this has never happened here before (that I can remember). We are about 20 degrees or so hotter than normal - with heat indexes even higher than that. Maybe they weren't ready because these temps broke over (if I heard right) 70 year old records. I know that I'm not impressed - and neither is my asthma. We have the thermastat up, ceiling fans going and only a couple of small lamps on. Even the TVs are off (well, except for the small one in mom's room). I know that Texas is one of the few states with its own grid - and that the blackouts are all over the state. I'm going to try to catch the 10:00 news for more information. No writing tonight (and I was finally in the mood, of course). Just finishing my evening blogging and then I'm turning the computer off again not just because of the blackouts, but it also generates much too much heat and the room is warm enough as it is.

Bailey Stewart said...

I forgot to tag!!!!

I'm tagging.

1. Brandy
2. Lis
3. Sandy
4. Dennie

Bailey Stewart said...

Okay, here's the scoop. Our temperature today was 25 degrees hotter than normal. April is when the electric company does plant maintenance. The temp was only predicted to be in the upper 90s, not 100 - this caught the electric companies off guard. This should not happen this summer as maintenance will be done and they are ready for it. Anyway, that's the latest.

Brandy said...

Eve, you stinker! A tag?! Sorry to hear about the blackouts. They were a problem when we lived in California. Coller weather is supposed to hit starting tomorrow (here). Hope that's the case for y'all too!

Bailey Stewart said...

Cooler temps here on Wednesday too.

Yeah, I tagged you - it's because I love ya sweetie.

Sandy J said...

Cool! I love being tagged! Will work on the answers and blog them tomorrow night.

Bailey Stewart said...

See Brandy - some people like to be tagged *gg*

Looking forward to your answers Sandy.

ruby55 said...

Yeah, come and visit me, Eve, as soon as I've got a fourth leg for my sofa. We can go up to my sister's then though they no longer have the lodge. They have a farm now.

Unfortunately, about a month ago they lost their first-born calf. Basil strayed onto the ice of the pond and fell through. By the time they found out and got to the pond, he had died. So Jamie, my brother-in-law, spent a lot of time fencing in all the ponds in the fields that the Highland cattle use. You see, he's a Stewart and he named his farm Thistlestone Farms.

Well, when I saw something about 100 somewhere I thought, "Well, that can't be the temperature. That would be too weird for this time of year." On the other hand, my friend and I were in London, GB one Easter holiday week and the temperature was unusually hot. Maybe not 100 but certainly sunny summer weather. And you know what you usually hear about London: fog.

I hope it doesn't get too bad here this summer. My basement apartment was reasonably cool when necessary. I might have to join the rats in the basement here if the weather gets too hot. I dread it. 70-75 is my personal comfort zone and no humidity.

Brandy said...

As my Mom used to say "Stinker!" I'll do it. * sigh* Just be prepared to bored clueless!

Lis said...

Youch! That's some hot weather.
Hope it cools off soon and the blackouts are temporary like they said. Not fun being without power, esp. when it powers fans and ac!

Oh goody I've been tagged *g* Will post soon. I'm finally *gasp* revamping chapter 3, and its not half bad.

Dennie McDonald said...

other than CSI - I am right there w/ you!

ah - I got tagged - get right on that (good thing I looked)

Scott said...

I lived in San Francisco, and loved it. I used to watch Numb3rs when it first came out and lost touch. Apparently I'm missing out.

Bailey Stewart said...

Hey Scott, I hope things work out.

I liked San Francisco - what I got to see of it. My cousin's husband is a limousine driver and he took us on a whirlwind tour of the city (San Francisco in one day) - we were only there for a short time. Anyway, I got some lovely photos from Golden Gate Park of the sun setting over the ocean - they're in a frame in my room. Simply beautiful.

Peggy said...

Finally! I can brag our weather is nicer than yours. We've had about 15 to 20 degree C, here. Beautiful spring weather. I've even begun shutting off my furnace during the day. Woohoo.

Bailey Stewart said...

Peggy - Is this payback for my Easter?

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Yikes! Stay cool, Eve! We're supposed to hit 88 today, which is unseasonably hot for us, too.

Susan said...

We had rolling brownouts here last summer when the temps were in the low 80's for several days. Brownouts are less severe than blackouts, the power is just cut back a little so things like the lights are dimmer than usual. We're suppose to hit a high of 62 today and we consider that hot here! LOL

I think my list would have been the same as yours for TV shows (except I'd have 24 listed) and food!

Bailey Stewart said...

Then we are definitely not having brownouts - they are cutting off the electricity literally for 15 - 30 minute periods. Hopefully, they won't have to do it too much today as it's supposed to be a little cooler - 98/99 instead of 101. *g*

I'm off to the store and then will check back one more time before I turn this sucker off. I'll try to get to everyone's responses soon.

Toni Anderson said...

Ohh. Hoping the weather cools down. My environmental head is ticking!

Hope you get your vacation soon!!!!

Toni Anderson said...

PS. I hope you get your leccy back soon too!!!

Meretta said...

Um yeah. We froze last night. And generally won't be out of "frost danger" until the end of May. And while I like warmer weather than we generally get here, I don't like hot. Stay cool, Eve!

Diane said...

Oh, wow. Blackouts and brownouts. I hope it does cool down for you soon and that they sort out the grid.

And thanks for not tagging me. :o) (I don't know enough people to tag back.)

Bailey Stewart said...

Ruby - 75 is my top limit, and that's pushing it. I prefer 70 at the most.

Brandy - what you watch/want to visit/jobs you've had - are not boring. :)

Lis - Yay on Chapter 3!!!

Dennie - you don't watch CSI? Blasphemy *gg*

Joely - I know 88 is hot for there - I think this thing is all down the middle of the country.

Susan - I never watched 24 because I didn't want to get caught up in something where if you missed an episode you've missed a lot - which is one reason I quit watching soaps. Hmmmm, food - I just remembered I've had no breakfast or lunch.

Toni - I would love my vacation - and I should have put that right now I'd like antartica *gg*

Meretta - I hate hot too!!!!!! :(

Diane - I know you don't like to be tagged - but you do know 4 people :)

Okay folks, I just got back from the store and I am wet - literally. Right now it's 88 degrees with a heat index of 91. And its not even 1:00 yet. Will stay on the computer for a little longer, then shut it down.

Susie said...

Not looking forward to what the current temp foretell of July and August. I tried sending this earlier by blogger wasn't cooperating.

Bebo said...

I can attest to the fact that we are NOT looking forward to sweltering temps this summer. Eve & I don't breathe so good in the heat. I'm already on the brink of a summer hibernation, and it's only April for cryin' out loud!

Bailey Stewart said...

I am crying out loud LOL

At least it's cooler now - only 91 degrees *sigh*

Brandy said...

Hi Eve, mem is posted. See, no more complaining from me. Unfortunately I have no one to tag.(I visit, I just don't comment everyday for others.) Wanna pick a few more of your buddies and tag 'em for me?