Friday, December 08, 2006

Frozen Spam

I nightmare (Yes, spam is everyone’s nightmare.)
Separate yourself from other men. (I am woman, hear me roar.)
Is classic superiority thinking. (Ahhhh, you caught the woman part – Amie says I’m a goddess.)
Hehe (I don’t find that funny.)
Can’t believe it. (You realize I could delete you.)
Don’t be angry. (Just don’t do it again.)
Okay. (For now.)
Jo wrote. (Lots of books. Have you read Closer … ?)
More (Relentless, Hush, Minute by Minute.)
It’s me Fernando. (Ohhhh yeah, Fernando. *wink*)
Bang (That’s some gun.)
Rocky turn Iraq (Rambo would do a better job.)
She will forget her name once she sees your new cock. (She’ll forget her name? I might be rendered speechless.)
It impossible. (Watch it.)
What do you say about this? (What?)
Tell me please. (I’m not telling you anything.)
Want your dick to be as the Eiffel Tower? (All lit up?)
Please be discreet. (I’m always discreet.)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (What do they have over there, a clock factory?)
Everything should be okay. (Of course it will, it’s just an alarm clock.)
As a thingamajig. (The clock is shaped like a … nevermind.)
Investigation by Sgt. Preston. (I feel much safer now.)


Brandy said...

"All lit up?" Hahahaha! Too good! I wish I had half your talent sweetie to take ordinary annoying things and make them fun!

christa said...

Bang (That’s some gun.)
I noticed this one right away. I was watching the O.C and there is a guy by the nickname "Bullet". Everytime he calls Julie his greeting is Bang, Bang.

I should be in bed.(I gotta get my blog fix in now. Who knows if I have time to get on the computer up there.) My parents are picking me up early to go to my sister's in Mississauga(2 hrs away) and back again by Monday for my aunt's memorial service.

raine said...

Oh, wait, wait, back up a little...

"Investigation by Sergeant Preston"??

HEYYY!!! It's Sergeant Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police, with his wonder dog, Yukon King!!

"On, King! On you Huskies!"

So THIS is where he retired to!

Sigrun said...

Fun, fun, fun, hilarious fun. Brandy, I wish the same for me. Maybe I wouldn't hang around like a sick dog all the time if I did.

Today we got first some flurries and then serious snow squalls. The traffic and the bus schedules sure got messed up...and on a day when I had to take four different buses. I spent an awful lot of time waiting for buses. Yuck. But it's our first real experience of winter so that's not too bad. It means that I can't get into the basement unless some determined person undertakes to shovel the snow out of there but that's pretty well all right for a while unless the rats come calling again.

Did I mention that I'd be moving upstairs in this building and that I'll have an extra room. I still won't get everything in but if I can sort things out, it'll certainly be a step forward. The biggest problem now is that contrary to what the present landlord had supposedly worked out with the new owners, I will *not* be allowed to store anything in the basement any more after Feb. 1. I'll have to see what I can do. I certainly don't want to take on another storage unit. The things I want to get rid of first are the Avon leftovers--demos and things that I had wanted to give as gifts that later proved to be wrong for the people I intended them for. I hope I can actually get some money for these things. That would certainly be a boost to the pocket book.

Hugs to you, Bailey, on your to-do list. It's hard to believe that it's already Friday again. I had something specific to do every day until today--at least I hope I don't. Monday: eye-glasses; Tuesday: meeting; Wednesday: dentist; Thursday: tax office. That's really enough running around for one week although I do have to pick up something at the bookstore before next Thursday and have two more dentist's appointments. I'd better get to the bookstore soon because we never know how bad the weather will get.

Good thoughts and prayers are winging their way to you.

Dennie McDonald said...

it so cold here.... but the funnies had me laughing hard enough to almost warm up - almost brrrrrr

Amie Stuart said...

LOL better the Eiffel Tower htan the Leaning Tower of Piza!

Bailey Stewart said...

Thank you Brandy.

Christa - I'm sorry, I didn't know your aunt had died. (((hugs)))

Raine - I laughed at that too when it came in. Yes, retired and forced to investigate stolen alarm clocks.

I hope things get better for you Sigrun and that the move goes well. Try to stay warm while you're out and about.

Dennie - tell me about it. I can only afford to keep the heat on at a minimum. My hands are frozen.

Amie - *snicker*

Still having tremendous internet problems. This thing has gotten slower than cold molasses. It took me a half-hour last night to check three emails. I just might be forced to take some of the money from mom's stuff and either buy a new CPU (my monitor is new) or a laptop. It took 10 minutes to get on to Jill's blog this morning. That's why I'm not blogging a lot - don't have the time to sit here and watch the stuff load.

Meretta said...

I hope your computer woes are sorted out soon, Bailey. Slow computers are the worst time sinks.

Thanks for the giggles!

Tori Lennox said...

Y'know, I really wonder about whoever's stealing those alarm clocks. What are they doing with them?!

Bailey Stewart said...

Meretta - it's a time sucker.

Tori - What are they doing with them?!
hmmmm, keeping time? LOL

Susan said...

Maybe 'I nightmare' was sent by your computer! I love your wit.

Amie Stuart said...

Honey are you on dial up or high speed?

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, I have DSL. It's not that, it's like Susan says - the computer hates me. The hard-drive crashed after I only had it for 18 mos. I can't save anything to CD - it hasn't worked for some time (of course, after warranty). The computer simply hates my guts. The only way I can stop from throwing it through a window is to stay away from it for as long as I can. I hit check mail - go to the bathroom, comb my hair, check the TV guide, get something to drink, and maybe by then it will be finished checking. Sometimes. This only started a little over a week ago. It's evil. Possessed.

christa said...

My aunt died on Thursday. She was 93. It seemed that ever since her sister died she has gone downhill and kept losing weight. She was down to 80lbs. I just found out this morning that she will be cremated and that the memorial service will not be til March.

Marty said...

The Eiffel Tower has an elevator, doesn't it? Impressive.

Carol said...

Thanks for another fun Friday! :)

Lis said...

lol maybe there's an underground market for alarm clocks?

*hugs* on the computer woes. I'm having probs but its mostly with software *knock on wood* nero hates my guts and will not burn anything to disc. Maybe all you need is more memory, I know that can help with things.

ruby55 said...

Well, it's a day later and London is snowed in and so am I. If I step out the door I'll have a whole lot of snow in here and I'll sink to my hips in the stuff. I hope we have someone to plow it by Sat. morning and that they also make a pathway for me to get out the door. I feel like a sardine.

On the up sides, it was a beautiful day otherwise with the sun shining on the new-frozen snow. I'm glad that there are usually upsides to the downsides.

Don't mind me. I just woke up again.

Amie Stuart said...

Is it an HP? LOL the last HP I bought for work the CD Rom drive crashed and so did the hard drive....

Bailey Stewart said...

Yeah, it's a HP - "Have Patience" "Hack Parts" "How Pathetic"