Sunday, December 10, 2006

Saints Come Marching In

You know the drill – non-football post below

So today it’s the Saints (or should I say this evening). This one’s a little scary as the coach is Sean Payton, the ‘Boys’ former defensive line coach. He knows this team, he knows Parcells. Some are calling the Saints the “Cajun Cowboys” and that’s truer than one would think. They have former Cowboys LBs Scott Fujita and Scott Shanle; WR Terrance Copper; OT Rob Petitti (that one hurts); K Billy Cundiff; and defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs. They almost had Keith Davis, and offensive line coach Tony Sparano. Most of all, they almost had Tony Romo. I’ll wait while Scott breathes a sigh of relief …………………………. Ready now Scott? Okay, it’s said that no coach has had a bigger influence on Sean Payton than Bill Parcells. Payton still calls Parcells for advice. In his news conferences, the first-time head coach even sounds a bit like the ‘ol Tuna. Add QB Drew Brees, a legitimate candidate for NFL MVP; Reggie Bush and Marques Colston (a leader for offensive rookie of the year) and this could be trouble. I hope our defense shows up with their best game, because they’re going to need it. This is one of those games that’s hard to call, both teams are pretty evenly matched and I’m afraid it will be those often feared intangibles that ultimately decide this game. In my opinion, this is the last “true” test to the Cowboys legitimacy as a contender – our remaining games are Atlanta, Philadelphia and Detroit. I look at the Saints last games and I can’t help but root for them on two – Washington and Giants. That’s okay, as long as we end up 12 – 4 and they finish the season as 10 – 6.


Dennie McDonald said...

the DH is working the game - I found him a Cowboys santa hat just today - do you think he wore it ...nooooooooooo

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Sigh. I hope the Boys come out better than my Chefs today.

Michele said...

**eyes crossed**
Sports... my nemisis.

My only hope is that whatever team you want to win, wins. Just for you.

Bailey Stewart said...

Dennie - *gg*

Joely - sorry about the Chefs.

Michele - Thanks.

This is what I was afraid of - that Payton's knowledge of the Cowboys would come in to play; Romo will continue to begin to show his inexperience (why now?); that the team seems to have fallen for their own hype and break down; that the Saints are that good. Let's hope that the new title for Romo (the comeback kid) is right. It does seem that he plays better in the second half.

Scott said...

Man, I turned it off after the interception in the end zone in the late third.

There are no words.


Oh wait, here's one: ouch. Or Khaaaannnn!

Romo was everything you were afraid of him being.

Our defense was Gidawful. Awful, awful, awful. Chumps.

Man, I am smarting from that. Imagine how they feel.

I just hope we can end this season on a high note. I don't think I could watch any more games like that one.

That onside kick was such a stab. Talk about the jugular vein. Payton humiliated Parcells.

Susan said...

Sorry about the Cowboys whipping last night! :(

Susie said...

OUCH! This one hurt. I didn't watch the game, but did check for the score late Saunday night. After seeing the score, I'm glad I didn't see the game, it would have been way to painful.

Susie said...

Sunday, too painful.