Wednesday, December 06, 2006

When Will it Stop?

Bud: Where's Bailey?

Ernie: In the closet.

Bud: What's she doing in the closet?

Ernie: I don't know - who am I, her keeper?

Bud: I thought maybe she might have said something.

Ernie: She just grabbed an umbrella, galoshes and ran into the closet.

Bud: An umbrella and galoshes?

Ernie: Did I stutter?

Bud: What's wrong with you?

Ernie: Oh, I guess it's just that time of the month.

Bud: You don't have those, moron.

Ernie: I don't?

Bud: Only women.

Ernie: Well, why are my breasts tender?

Bud: You don't have those either.

Ernie: Oh, then I guess I don't need this bra.

Bud: I think I know why she's in the closet.

Ernie: Oh?

Bud: To get away from you.

Ernie: That's not what she said.

Bud: I thought you didn't know anything.

Ernie: I don't. At least I don't know what the closet has to do with it.

Bud: With what?

Ernie: Huh?

Bud: The closet. Bailey.

Ernie: She was mumbling something about "when it rains it pours" and "the sky is falling".

Bud: She didn't say that last one. That was in your bedtime story last night.

Ernie: Did I thank you for reading me to sleep?

Bud: Your snoring did it for you.

Ernie: I don't snore.

Bud: *snort*

Ernie: She's had a bad week.

Bud: Yeah. The internet, the car, the toilet running, the leak under the sink, the garage door breaking, the cat pissing on the dry-clean only comforter, Baileyboo shredding the toilet paper.

Ernie: Um, Bud?

Bud: Yes?

Ernie: That was me.

Bud: What?

Ernie: I shredded the toilet paper.

Bud: Why?

Ernie: I thought it was fun.

Bud: That's what you get for thinking.

Ernie: I beg your pardon?

Bud: So she's hiding in the closet.

Ernie: Yes, it was the last phone call.

Bud: What phone call?

Ernie: The one saying that her uncle had died.

Bud: Oh, my.

Ernie: Yes. I guess it's just one more thing.

Bud: What are those cords going into the closet?

Ernie: The TV, phone, computer, mini-fridge ...

Bud: Ohhh, she's staying there a long time.

(Bailey here: btw, I'm on myspace now. Don't know what I'm doing there, but I'm there. Link on the right under miscellanious. And I have no idea how to do this friend thing. I tried one to someone who I know won't turn me down, so if I don't hear from her, then I did it wrong. *sigh*)


Brandy said...

Dang sweetie. You've had a heck of a week. I'm so sorry. If I can do anything or shake my fist at someone *g* let me know, okay? I'm keeoing you on my thoughts and prayers!

raine said...


Dennie McDonald said...

sorry hon! many hugs... and that movie offer is till good! (blockbuster has good ones too y'know)

give me and/or ames a holler..

Tori Lennox said...

*hugs* sweetie. I'm so sorry about your uncle.

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh Bailey, what a week! My sympathies on the passing of your uncle.

Carol said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle and that you have had such a bad week. I hope things get better for you! Big Hugs!

Meretta said...

My sympathies, Bailey. Give yourself a hug from me.

Susan said...

So sorry to hear about the troubles you are having to endure. My sympathies go out to you on the lost of your uncle. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs!

Susie said...


I have boxes for you. I'll bring them by in the next day or two.

Are you working Friday? I have the day off.

Toni Anderson said...

What a week!! Poor you.

I'm on mySpace although have done nothing with the site yet--another December thing. I have had more propositions there than all the time I was in my twenties. vbg.

Jill said...

Sending lots of hugs. And I did add you at myspace, did it work?

Siobhan said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle, Bailey. Too right when it rains it pours. Hoping for some sunshine in your life, sweetie! (((Hugs)))

Michele said...

Wow, what a way to slip in that sad news about your uncle. Now I feel guilty for enjoying the Dialogue Duo.

Cyber Hugs, Bailey. Seems to be a blasted harsh time in your life right now.
We're hear for you!

On the fun front, hey, thanks for accpeting the MySpace invite! Awesome!

Dru said...

{{{{{Bailey}}}}} I'm sorry that this has become a bad week for you.

Dru Ann

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks guys - long day at work. I can check my emails there, but I can't get on any blogs. Bummer. I'm doing okay - it just seems to be one thing after another.

catslady said...

Oh, I'm with Michele. So sorry with all your problems and there's a lot of them but God I love those voices!!!!!!

I'm sort of on myspace. My daughter's friend and my young friend from England insisted I belong but darn if I can figure most of it out but I'm going to try to add you and vice versa :)

Marty said...

Oh, honey, I'm so sorry...what a rough time. Am thinking of you. And I'll be your friend :)

Lis said...

*hugs* I'm so sorry, sounds like a really tough week. I'll try and friend you on myspace. I'm easily confused over there lol

Devon Ellington said...

My condolences about your uncle, and what a hard week you've had. I'm thinking of you.

I'm waiting to do the MySpace thing for awhile. Right now, I don't have enouogh to market to make it worth all the time it takes to learn my way around the place.

ruby55 said...

I'm so sorry, Eve. You'd think it would stop some time for a little while at least. I guess if you have a big family, it's more likely to be like this. I know my father and two of my uncles died within a year of each other. At that point, my mother and her remaining siblings did not have an original mate among them. Only my youngest uncle was married to his second wife and his first wife is still living as well. Somehow it just happens like that. Of course, we don't really have contact with my father's more far-flung relatives since he was the only child left in his family after the war. One brother died before it and two are MIA.

Hugs and prayers.