Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well sort of, it's an "anybody who wants to do this thing" type tag from Kate. I've seen this list before and it's kind of interesting - especially at this time when we're thinking about resolutions, setting goals and accomplishing things we've never done before. So the tag goes the same way - anybody who wants to do this, plus, like Kate said, let me know when you do because I'm curious that way.

The things that I've done are in bold. I'm beginning to hate this green color - bold doesn't show up very well, so I've changed it to red, which then became too glaring, so I've just made mine a larger font than the other. Sheesh, if I hadn't talked on the phone with Woman With Many Names for over an hour I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get this done. But I enjoyed it though. Cece and I talk for about an hour once a year. *waving across to the next county* That's why we talk so long.

1. Used real snow to make/eat a snow cone
2. Slept in your car while parked at the side of the road (We never really had the money for motels when I was little, so on our way home to Iowa for visits we spent many a night in a Howard Johnson's parking lot.)
3. Didn't go to bed until 4 in the morning on New Year's Day
4. Dyed an Easter egg, using all the colours available (Of course, that's half the fun)
5. Caught a scent on the air that reminded you of something from your childhood (Did it just the other day)
6. Taken a picture of the sky because it was a remarkable shade of blue that day
7. Caught a fish and cleaned it yourself, then cooked it for dinner (How about caught a fish, watch my dad clean and cook it - I don't like fish, but I liked fishing)
8. Wished you bought two pairs of your favourite shoes
9. Made a list like this
10. Taken art lessons
11. Taken ballet lessons
12. Driven a really scary stretch of road (Drunk, okay tipsy, in the fog)
13. Read a book from cover to cover in one sitting
14. Written a letter to your Congressman
15. Changed political parties
16. Made a boat yourself, and sailed in it
17. Worn mismatched shoes by accident (closest I've come to was socks)
18. Been so happy you wanted to burst into song
19. Watched Barney, as an adult, without becoming annoyed
20. Thought you could walk to Sesame Street
21. Invented something (I'm with Kate here, if characters and fictional settings could be described as "inventions", then yes.)
22. Came up with a new recipe
23. Snorkeled or dived a coral reef
24. Been in a shark cage
25. Been told that a character in a Nora Roberts book reminded a friend of you
26. Howled in the car with your kids
27. Loved someone so much your heart hurt
28. Painted a house Interior or exterior? If interior, then yes)
29. Painted a picture in the style of a famous painter
30. Seen the Mona Lisa
31. Seen the Hope Diamond
32. Been the president of the PTA
33. Sat on Santa's an adult
34. Lost your spouse
35. Driven a race car (But I've ridden in a regular car with Bebo driving. Believe me, that counts.)
36. Eaten fried okra
37. Climbed Mt. Everest
38. Seen Mt. Rushmore
39. Saved a baby bird that had fallen from its nest (Wasn't successful, though.)
40. Tried a food you always thought was gross and discovered you loved it
41. Been to Hawaii
42. Been to Africa
43. Had an "old-time" picture taken with your family, your friends or alone
44. Made good friends via the Internet (Just look around this place ...)
45. Met a movie star (Do TV stars count? Dawn Wells - Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island; James Drury - The Virginian; Nancy Kulp - Ms. Hathaway from Beverly Hillbillies)
46. Seen the Queen of England in person
47. Indulged in a tinsel fight while decorating the Christmas tree
48. Attended a family reunion
49. Couldn't turn out the lights for the night after reading a Stephen King novel (In fact, I grabbed the dog and every cross/Bible I could find in the house. The Shining.)
50. Gone on a cruise
51. Remember where you were the day the Challenger exploded. (Sadly enough, I don't remember which one this was - but I remember where I was when both of the shuttles exploded, so it counts. The first one I was home watching the lift-off; the second one I was at work and it exploded practically overhead. The building shook.)

Well obviously from looking at this list I need to get out more. I also have a tag from Lis (yes sweetie, I finally saw it - you need to tell me these things) that I'll do later on in the week.


Lis said...

*blush* You know I can't even remember which one I tagged you on lol I think my mind took off with the nekkid muses and left me behind :o/

Bailey Stewart said...

Yeah, they do the same thing to me too.

Okay - I have to work in the morning, so y'all are on your own.

Brandy said...

Very interesting meme. I liked it though.What recipe did you invent?

Kate Hardy said...

Interesting list, Bailey! Thanks for doing it. And I'm with Brandy: recipe?

Bailey Stewart said...

It's just for a mild chili - Glenice likes it, but it's really no big deal. And I know that a lot of people , Kate for instance, dabble with recipes, changing things to fit into what they would eat. I think that should count too.

Dru said...

Fun list - mine is on my blog

Marty said...

For me, it was Stephen King's "IT". I don't think he meant to harm the livelihood of clowns in general, but IT probably did!

Meretta said...

LOL at Stephen King. Mine was IT. That man knows how to write scary!

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh now, my favorite Stephen King book is It, but I read it after The Shining - which is the book that made me get the cross and the dog. It has a funny story all on it's own - will tell it sometime.

Home from work, but now I have to find something to eat and then go deal with my sister - who has been moved to a nursing home close to me so that I can visit her more often - do I sound thrilled? NOT!

Olga said...

Cool list! Actually, I've done many of the things that you've mentioned. As for your question, it's so nice of you to remember...

Siobhan said...

Great list. I've done a lot of the things too. I'm wishing you a Happy New Year full of blessings, Bailey. Take care!

Toni Anderson said...

Ohh--like that one :)

Tori Lennox said...

Great list! I'm going to post it to my blog today. :)

bebo - aka speed racer said...

HEY NOW, if you're gonna take my name in vain on your blog, I think you oughta tell me about it 1st!! (Disclaimer - my dad built race car engines & I did a LOT of time at the race track. It's not my fault!!!!)

ruby55 said...

I thought that I'd list the ones that have a different answer from yours. Still can't do the HTML tags.

1. Used real snow to make/eat a snow cone. Well, that's a given when you have almost 8 months with snow a year.
No 4. or 7. in my memory.
8. Actually did after one pair of favorites wore out. Bought 2 pairs of next ones in different colors.
14. Have no Congressman and have only signed petitions to my Member of Parliament or Ontario equivalent.
15. Changed political parties.
16. Not that I can remember.
17. Worn mismatched shoes by accident--in Paris no less. Did the sock thing the other day because I couldn't find the match to the first one I put on
28. Painted a house interior or exterior? If interior, then yes.
30. Seen the Mona Lisa
38. Seen Mt. Rushmore
40. Tried a food you always thought was gross and discovered you loved it (sashimi)(snails too but they were just ok.)
45. Mine were TV too: Adam West (Batman); Linda Evans (Big Valley)
Got autographs.
46. Seen the Queen of England in person
49. I've never read a Stephen King book. I usually avoid horror books.
51. I know I was at the White Oaks Mall when I saw pictures of the Challenger's explosion on a TV set. I was attracted because so many people were standing there.

Kind of fun to answer. Of course, you can make up any kind of list.

ruby55 said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Olga.

I just realized I missed my niece's as well. Hers was Dec. 31.

I had one nephew on Dec. 11 and niece's younger brother on Dec. 21. He was born the day the Pan Am flight exploded over Scotland.

BTW, the Challenger was the one that blew up on takeoff. I think the other was Columbia or was it Discovery.