Friday, February 02, 2007

Honey Baked Spam

Hi Sweetheart. (Hi darling)
You are not really sociable (I try)
You weren’t enjoying dancing (You just said I wasn’t sociable)
It won’t be cheap to talk at the bank five weeks from now. (Are they going to charge $1 a word?)
The bigger the dick, the bigger the attention. (No shit Sherlock.)
Paradise you can afford (Not after going to the bank.)
With Penis Enlarge Patch your dick will be as long as a rope for climbing. (That would certainly get someone’s attention.)
Other guys are improving themselves … are you? (Improving other guys? I try to never take on the impossible.)
He-he man, why your woody is so small? (Um, let me see … because I’m a woman!)
I found something! (Does it tick?)
Must look at rare find. (It’s not that rare. I have several of them buried in my backyard.)
You lucky duck! (Hey, it’s not my fault the neighbors keep losing them.)
Tease. (Raine, is that you?)
My troublemaker (Oh right, first I’m your sweetheart and now I’m your troublemaker. Fickle.)
I stopped dating people I could “fix” and could make “better”. (And what? Started dating people you couldn’t “fix” and couldn’t make “better”?)

Edit: Somebody email me and tell me how to put a bookcover into my template for the side panel.


Brandy said...

Ahh, now the truth comes out. You know EXACTLY where your neighbors alarm clocks are after all!! *g* What happened, did all the ticking get to you?

Michele said...

If I saw a man with a schlong like that, I'd run for the hills!


LOL,Love the SPAM today, Bailey!
Hey, How come Raine gets to tease you and we don't?


And NO WHACKING! *snicker*

christa said...

Thanks Bailey I needed that. I've been helping my friends move all week so I've up at 7 or 8 and not gone to bed til 1 or 2, so now I get to go back to my "normal" life cause they go back to work today and probably won't be back for 2 weeks. So I won't have to set my alarm clock. Yeah!

Bailey Stewart said...

Brandy - :)

Michele - you all get to tease me. Raine was one of the first to call me a tease over the mystery stuff, that's all.

Christa - if you'd move next door to me you wouldn't have to worry about the alarm clock, it would get lost all of the time.

Dr. Bill Emener said...

Hi Bailey,
I get mine from I can't remember the specific steps, but a good place to start is to look at their "Associates" program (when people buy a book from and get there from your website, you get a commission. I wish I could be of specific help (with steps), but here's a good place to start:

Good luck with it (I hope this helps),

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks Bill, I'll look at it.

Hey, I skipped the mystery for Spam Friday, where is everyone. ;p

catslady said...

As much as I love spam Friday, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! I am going to assume it's not a sad ending. Surely you wouldn't do that to us.

Toni Anderson said...

Grrhh--you are such a tease yourself :)

If you still need to know that stuff I can email you later. Let me know.

Toni Anderson said...

So you really are smart and sexy?? That should be your tag line ;)

Bailey Stewart said...

That's going to be somebody's tag line. *gg*

Lis said...

I see you figured out the book in the sidebar :o)

Bailey Stewart said...

yeah, my FBA (Toni) helped me.

Dru said...

LOL...Love the side bar.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, just a little something that I added to lighten up the place. You like?