Sunday, February 11, 2007

Horrors of Horrors ... And a Happy Birthday too

(Cue Vincent Price type music)

So, we’re off to The House today. Can everyone say Yay? Thought not. This 2 – 3 hours every Sunday is going to take us forever. I think I have a little under a half of the kitchen packed, although if you ask me (which The Sister wouldn’t) all of that stuff will have to be disinfected before use. Everything. Altogether we probably have about 50% of the house packed. Then there’s the garage. Can everyone say Fun? Yeah, I saw that smirk. I’ve been told there’s a cabinet with a lot of their wedding gifts. Huh? Married for a little over 20 years, divorced for about 10 – when does one decide that wedding gifts should be used? Whoever buys this house (and it will be one of those “cash for homes” people) will have to do a lot of work. A.lot. Not to mention disinfecting.

Well, let’s see, what else is happening? Did I mention my toothache was back? Out with the cloves again. The writing has been sort of, well, um, it’s – OKAY I HAVEN’T BEEN WRITING. So there. I’ve realized what the problem is and I’ll be dealing with it hopefully this week. I haven’t done a storyboard on my characters. I’ve never written without one and in fact, didn’t have it on the last MS. Problems with it too. Anyway, I’ve also been doing some thinking about the WIP too. I’ve got a germ of an idea for Taylor’s story (my hero’s brother), and maybe for the series as a whole. I even have a small inkling of the first scene for Taylor. I’m also fighting an old demon. Yep, I’m thinking about dragging out The Devil You Know, which is the most completed MS I have. But that’s not quite true. It’s the most completed all right – it’s also the one that has to be reworked entirely. I fell in love with my secondary male character to the detriment of my hero, so I’ve got to go back and re-write it, or at least re-write my hero. And heroine. She ended up being a little wimpy, so she needs a backbone. And it’s not funny – I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it as a romantic suspense or entice it to the lighter side.

That’s it for awhile. I’m off to find a hazmat suit.

Oh, and ….

Happy Birthday Pam! I hope you have a great day. You’ve been a wonderful friend and deserve all the best there is.


Olga said...

Happy Birthday to Pam! And hugs on packing - I remember mine, though it wasn't too much, shudder. As for writing, you've got so much potential, girl, and I hope one day you'll finish your project, and we'll have the pleasure of reading it!

christa said...

Happy Birthday Pam
Good luck packing The House. I hear you on the wedding gifts. When my aunt died, my step-sister wanted the tv (for sentimental reasons) not even sure if this thing is vcr compatible(that's how old it is). I can see a picture or something being sentimental but not a tv. Did I mention she is a pack rat.
Hope you get the writing done soon. Look forward to read you

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Pam!
Sorry you have to go back to the House of Horrors. Be very, very, careful (imagine Donald Duck telling you that! *G*)
I'm sure you'll get back to the writing soon. I have faith in you.

Lis said...

Happy Birthday Pam!
Hope the time at 'The House' goes quick. *hugs*
I've got a ms like that too, and oddly enough its RS based :o) Like your title better then mine!

Bernita said...

" a germ of an idea"
Definitely Freudian!

Bailey Stewart said...

Bernita - that's because I often refer to the "idea genie" as a virus attacking me. At least that's what the voices say. :p

Toni Anderson said...

Good luck with the writing :)

Happy Birthday Pam :)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Pam!
What in the world are you and Bebo going to do with your spare time once you're done with The House? *g*

Marty said...

You're a brave, brave woman. Happy B-day to Pam :)

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Pam!!!
Sorry I'm a little late.
Hope your day was special.

Bailey, hope the "house" is starting to behave under your whip.

Dru said...

Happy Birthday Pam!

Take it easy while at the House.
How are you feeling? How's the tooth?

I'm sure you'll be writing soon. Think of all the ideas you can get from dealing with the House.

beautiful day said...

Happy Birthday to Pam for yesterday, i hope you had a lovely day. I hope your toothache has gone now. I also hope the house wasnt too unpleasant. Have a lovely day x

Pam said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Coming in late to say thanks (partying all weekend with closest family, and now it's half term in the UK...). Hope all went well with the House of Horrors. (You sure you don't want to start writing Intrigues? *g*)