Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Midwinters Morn Mystery Part II

I went to work, my mind still on that morning, but managed to make it through the day. That night, I waited for my neighbor, Debbie, to come home. Debbie was a year ahead of me in school (Susie in High School), so I’ve known her for a long time. How she ended up being my neighbor is another story. I managed to catch her as she was out starting her bar-b-que.

I called to her. “Come see this.”
She started across the drive-way. “Do you have blood too?”
Well, that stopped me in my tracks. “Too?”
“I have drops across my driveway.”

We stood and talked about it for a while, no answers. Then we parted ways, each going into our respective houses. Still a mystery.

A couple of hours later my doorbell rang. It was Debbie.

“I thought I’d tell you that we’re going into your backyard.”
“Um, why?”
“There’s blood drops going down your side sidewalk. They end at your gate. And when I went to put water in Tyson’s (their dog) water dish, the water was pink with a spot of blood on the rim.”
I got my flashlight and met them outside. Them being Debbie, her 15 year-old-son Stephen and her friend Lana. Stephen had a flashlight too and we began walking around. The Who kept singing around my head – any of the three CSI themes, you pick. But they wouldn’t let me be Catherine Willows. Damn!

To be continued ... on Monday.

Come on, admit it, you really do love me.

Edit: There are two new reviews up at Isn't It Romantic, one is for the best book that I've ever read. Period.


Dru said...

wow, that really is blood.

Who are you? who who who who,
I really want to know... (the theme from CSI)

Michele said...

I'm glad you wanted to be Catherine and not Sarah /She bugs me.

I wanna be Nick!
No wait,can I be WITH Nick? LOL

THis is sounding mighty fine and fun Bailey!
Do we HAVE to wait unti Monday? What's wrong with tomorrow?

Maybe the cat statue comes to life? Like those gargoyle books I love to read...

Bailey Stewart said...

Michele - this is Thursday's blog post, the next day would be Friday. Do you really want to postpone spamarama? And I don't post anything important on weekends.

Dru - yep, that's the real stuff.

Lis said...

I admit, I *heart* Greg from CSI.

And wow, this is a really weird story, got me glued to my seat :o)

Brandy said...

Oooh, did someone mention Greg? He's so cute!
I want to be Callie form CSI Miami. That girl knows her guns! And I don't like Sarah either.
My hub's programmed his sister phone to ring with the CSI Vegas song! I have the CSI MIami theme for mine. Trust me, it gets looks when it rings and I'm out somewhere.
AND I WANT SPAMARAMA on Friday! Please? Pretty please?

raine said...


Michele said...

Well, how was I to know it was Thursday on a Wednesday that affected a Friday?
Therefore, if it is a Thursday, then Friday IS Spamarama so forget the Wednesday comment, keep it Thursday so Friday remains the same and I look forward to Monday.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh, I haven't had my coffee yet, but I think I understood that. Should I be worried?

It's work day folks, y'all have fun.

Oh, and I *heart* Greg too. He's such a dufus. But I also *heart* Grissom. I'm fickle.

Gotta go.

Bailey Stewart said...

I tried to do a little blogging this morning, but couldn't get on to a couple of blogger sites, so I've given up. I'll catch y'all later. Besides, I ought to be getting ready for work.

Scott said...

What the heck? This I gotta read.

Dru said...

I'm not a fan of Sarah either. Nick, did someone say Nick? :) I do like Mac on CSI NY though.

Susan said...

Monday? You mean we have to wait until Monday? Come on why not Saturday? I'm on the edge of my seat now. Don't be so cruel!

Nick can investigate me any time! *g*

Meretta said...

LOL at Catherine. I watched 'Always' on the weekend and was surprised to find her in it. She looks much the same though that movie's got to be about 20 years old.

At any rate, I'm patiently waiting for the end of the story. Perhaps you could be persuaded to share early? What's your poison? ;)

And thanks for the book reviews over at 'Isn't it Romantic'. I've made the proper notes and will act accordingly. ;)

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

A very intriguing story, m'dear!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Oh, man! You're killing me! The Shalvis sounds like she outdid herself again....

Tori Lennox said...

You are SUCH a tease!!!

Add me to the Anti-Sarah Brigade. She grates on my nerves in the worst way. I wanna be Callie, too. As for the guys, I adore Nick and Greg. Eric's okay, too. And I love the cop on CSI: NY. Flack, I think his name is?

catslady said...

Oh, I sooooo hate waiting!!!!!! I'd even give up spam friday roflmao.

Well that is some review!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey...MONDAY??? And here I was all excited to find out the answers today!

glenice said...

What a tease!

I think it is a "new" feral cat!! You are still feeding them I presume?!?

Monday huh?!?!? yep...quite the tease :)

Oh I get to go home tomorrow...if I don't get snowed in that is...

Anonymous said...

Now I know how people feel when I do cliffhangers.


(But I'll be back Monday!)

beautiful day said...

Im dying to hear the end of this, i cant even think what it could be, its a right wonder your good at writing your books, i bet they are those kind that cant be put down when you once start to read them x take care now x