Thursday, March 30, 2006

And From the Other Side of the Park


Again? What now? Skye?

Of course its me. Were you expecting Florence Nightingale?

Right now that might not be a bad idea. What do you want? And if you get naked I'll scream.

Unlike He-man, I don't need to get naked to get my way. I have a brain and I use it.

We've established that. Anything else?

Yes, my story. Did you forget that this was my story? It's a romance - Hero and HEROINE. That's what a romance usually involves - unless you're Emma Holly, and then a few others could be included. This isn't like Emma Holly's books is it?

No, but I could change the POV totally to the man's if you get my drift. And before you get all high and mighty let me clarify one thing. It's my story. I choose what gets typed and what doesn't.

... You finished his scene.

Really? I wasn't aware of that, thanks for telling me. Note the sarcasm? I'm not amused.

Hah! If I were a naked male you would be.

Honey, if you were a naked male, amused would be far from what I would be feeling.


Is there a point to this?

You left me standing on a sidewalk in a pair of sunglasses. You haven't even established what I have on. As far as the reader is concerned, I could be naked. Are you just going to leave me like this?

You have a brain. You figure it out.

Reluctant Reunion Word Count: 4,414
Tonights Word Count: 594
Clothes for Heroine: Priceless

Toni's having a contest - go give it a try.


Brandy said...

You are great!! Too funny, yet I'm now dying to read this when you get it published! (note: I said WHEN.)

Bailey Stewart said...

Ooooh, I love your use of words - when. That's nice, Thank you.

Scott said...

Somebody is feeling a little neglected I see. You'd better start giving her some more weight in the story!

Bailey Stewart said...

But she's not as cute as Hugh.

Dennie McDonald said...

my muses are b#$@% slapping my brain as I am not giving them enough attention - I NEED TO WRITE - but am too busy playing w/ the new printer/scanner - no more pics I swear!

Bailey Stewart said...

But I'm enjoying your pics :)

Susan said...

I'm working my way back to health after a hard fought battle with bronchitis. I'm about 85% of normal. Now I'll go back and read up on what everyones been up to.

Way to go Eve! I love that your keeping us updated on the Word Count. Keep on writing. I'm so happy Devlin is doing bettter!

Bailey Stewart said...

Susan - sorry you haven't been feeling well. I'm glad you're doing better. Yep - things have been popping around here. The word count is for y'all, since you're the ones who have encouraged (pushed LOL) me to get this done, so I guess y'all deserve to be updated.

Toni Anderson said...

She's a toughie! Watch out.

You are doing so well with your writing!!!! Keep it up :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks. I skipped some - the "first kiss" scene kept going through my head, so I decided I needed to get it written down before I forgot it.

Toni Anderson said...
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Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Way to go, Eve! Keep that heroine in line! (Although nekkid Hugh is totally okay with me.)

Bailey Stewart said...

Toni - thanks.

Joely - nekkid Hugh is totally okay with me, er, her too.

Susie said...

Glad to see Skye is making her voice heard, though I absolutely had to visit yesterday's enter before checking in here.

I'm looking forward to my next visit. Next time, I'll be sure there's no crisis at home to pull me away.

I finally got to see "Serenity" Tuesday night, Netflix. I'm sure I'll watch it a couple more time before sending it back.


Bailey Stewart said...

Yes, stay longer next time :)

Serenity rocks!

Hey y'all, there's a great discussion on Alison Kent's blog

Did you know that Blazes are depraved? It's no wonder that I love them.

glenice said...


I will be able to say...that author there....she is MY friend :) :) :) :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Glenice - you're such a ... friend. But don't hold your breath, I have to finish it first, re-work a bunch of stuff and then ... Somebody will have to like it enough to publish it. (that last one is such a small thing you know ;-)

Jordan Summers said...

Sounds good. :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Hey Jordan!

ruby55 said...

How are you doing, Eve, and how about Devlin? You do seem to be having fun with your characters. Maybe you just have to sort of whip them into line and get them to do sensible things instead of arguing with you.

When you have such lively characters, you just have to get them published. The editors should realize that.

Hey, maybe this is a sign. The "word" is "evkjveek". Your name is in there twice.

Melissa Marsh said...

Good for you on the writing, Eve!!! To get me jumpstarted with my writing, I have talked to my characters before and they usually chastize me for leaving them in odd places. They can be so darn demanding! ;-)

Bailey Stewart said...

Ruby - Devlin goes in tomorrow for a phenobarbital level blood test, so we'll see then. He is still having some seizures though - the kind he had before we knew they were seizures. Although they are not that frequent. And from your mouth to the publishers ears LOL

Melissa - yeah, they just won't behave, will they *gg*

Brandy said...

Just wanted to say fingers are crossed for Devlin's appointment. Keep up the good work w/ the writing!!!

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks Brandy. Just sitting here trying to get someone to cooperate. They keep wanting to skip scenes and I'm trying not to let them.