Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Diane

Happy Birthday Diane
Your friendship has meant a lot to me. I know this last year has been hard on you and my one wish for you is that this year brings you what your heart desires. You deserve it.
Promise Me That You Will ...
Be kind to yourself.
Look in the mirror and see
that you are beautiful.
Make three wishes.
Be strong.
Nurture your soul.
Continue your prayers.
Let go of any pain.
Banish any anger.
Take one moment at a time.
Hear music.
Make music.
Seek inspiration.
Promise me that you will ...
Believe in fairy tales
and in the magic
of your dreams.
Find that dreams do come true.
Hug yourself.
Feel the sun shine.
Believe again.
Seek laughter.
Always remember that you have
a guardian angel
watching over you.
Find hope.
Find your true love.
Promise me these things.
- Linda Ann McConnell


Brandy said...

Best Happy Birthday wishes to Diane!
Eve, glad to hear your visit was OK today. Did your headache ever go away?

Danica said...

Awe, that is so sweet!

Happy birthday Diane!

Shirley said...

What a lovely post. Yes, let's hope Diane has a good one!

Diane said...

Awe - that's twice you've made me cry today, Eve. Thanks.


Kate H said...

That's LOVELY.

Happy birthday Diane!

Scott said...

That is a beatiful poem. What a nice friend you are Eve.

Diane said...

She's a lovely friend, Scott.

Bailey Stewart said...

Brandy - headache is gone - now, if I manage to make it through the next couple of days without killing any cats, we'll all be fine.

Diane - you're very welcome.

Scott - I give what I receive - it's easy to be a friend when you're given friendship.

Diane - ditto.

Toni Anderson said...

That is lovely!!ylvrz

Toni Anderson said...

Did you know I spoke Russian?

Bailey Stewart said...

ROTFL - I wondered - what was that word? Did you inadvertently type in the word verification? I didn't respond because I wasn't sure if I would be agreeing to something I'd regret later.

christa said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!!!(insert cake with candles from smilies)Hope you have a great one!!

Bailey Stewart said...

You know - if I knew more birthdays ...

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

Today is the day those that love you celebrate you. Have a great day.

Dennie McDonald said...

happy birthday Diane

Jordan Summers said...

Happy Birthday, Diane!!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Diane!

Bailey Stewart said...

Hey Jennifer - welcome back.

Y'all, poor Jennifer has been without a compuer - ouch!

glenice said...

happy birthday DIANE!!!! :)

ruby55 said...

Happy birthday, Diane! With wishes like that, how can you fail to have a better year. May all these wishes come true for you.

From someone else who has had a horrible last year and will take these beautiful wishes for her own. I hope you don't mind, Eve. I really find those thoughts inspiring. Thanks for putting them on the blog.

Bailey Stewart said...

You're welcome Ruby - I hope this year is better for you too.

Diane said...

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and apologies, Eve, for hijacking your blog. :o)

Bailey Stewart said...

Any time sweetie :)