Friday, March 31, 2006

Are We Done Yet?

Do you have a minute?

God, you startled me. Ross? What now? This had better be good because my bloggers are getting tired of this.

Not the ladies, they love handsome men.

Little full of it for a secondary character, aren't you?

I have things to say too.

Well then say it will you - I have writing to do and I am just thisclose to giving you warts.

Just this one thing. I don't like the way Jordan treats me. Shouldn't I have a little more respect?

If you put some clothes on, maybe he would respect you more.

The no clothes are for you.

Thanks. I appreciate it. Anything else?

Do I hear a bit of sarcasm here?

What? Me? I don't know why. I have characters jumping out of no where asking me assinine questions at all hours of the day and you think I'm being a little sarcastic?

There's no need to get touchy. I realize you're the author and all ...

Got that right.

But I was also wondering, when am I going to get my story?

Can I finish this one first? Or is that too much to ask?

Finish it. What's so hard about that. We all know that Jordan is going to fall in love with Skye and vice versa, they have great sex and then live happily ever after. What more do you need?

Great. I'll just write that down and we'll sell a million copies.

You're being sarcastic again.

You think? Your powers of observation constantly amaze me.

I'm not feeling the respect here either.

Where do you think Jordan gets it?

Reluctant Reunion word count: 4,111 (I took out some stuff)
Tonights word count: 1,121 (yes you read that right)
Gags for characters: Priceless

This is book draw day. You know the drill. If you want a book from the backstock, just tell me.

Jill Shalvis:

The Rancher's Surrender (Intimate Moments)
Hiding Out at the Circle C
Tangling With Ty (Temptation)
Roughing it With Ryan (Temptation)
Luke (Temptation)
The Bachelor's Bed (Temptation)
Get a Clue
Beach Blanket Bad Boys (Anthology with Linda Lael Miller, Alison Kent, Lucy Monroe, Susanna Carr and Morgan Leigh)
Blue Flame
Bared (Blaze)

Bad Boys:

Bad Boys to Go by Lori Foster, Janelle Denison and Nancy Warren
Bad Boys on Board by Lori Foster, Donna Kauffman and Nancy Warren
I Brake for Bad Boys by Lori Foster, Janelle Denison and Shannon McKenna

Romantic Suspense:

Double Play by Penelope Neri
Heartbeats by Susan Rae
Half Past Dead by Meryl Sawyer
Don't Say a Word by Barbara Freethy

Contemporary Romance:

Sexy, Single and Searching/Eager, Eligible and Alaskan (Duet) by Lori Wilde
Blame it On Chocolate by Jennifer Greene
Good Girls Don't by Kelley St. John
The Model Man by Genie Davis
Jordan by Lori Foster (Temptation)
Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Crusie (Temptation)
Riley by Lori Foster (Temptation)


Heart Choice by Robin D. Owens
The Last Bride by Sandra Landry
My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair
Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Star Witch by Linda Winstead Jones


Shirley said...

Don't you dare give him warts :o)

Bailey Stewart said...

I will if he keeps messing with me. :p

Anonymous said...

What does he want, a spin-off or something??

christa said...

Men, giveaways and later I'm going shopping for underwear, excitement overload.
How bout Luke by Jill. I just found Sean and just read Men of Courage.

Bailey Stewart said...

Yes Jason - he's clamoring for his own book. I'll give him a book, right up his ...

Christa - gotcha!

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Love those spinoff book characters!!!! Great work on the words, too!

Bailey Stewart said...

Joely - somebody noticed! Yes, not four hundred and something, or five hundred and something - but over one thousand! (Snoopy Dance)

christa said...

If you don't give him warts it will be easier on your eyes when you see him running around nekkid.

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh and is this the part where I mention that I didn't get to sleep until 4:30 this morning. When the alarm clock went off at 6:00 I nearly threw it across the room. After I take Devlin to the vet I will most probably sleep the day away - I am so toast!

Bailey Stewart said...

Hey Christa - you have a point - just don't tell him (shhhh)

Meretta said...

Way to go on your word count, Eve! You're smoking along!

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks Meretta!

Hey y'all - Jill has a giveaway going on!

And don't forget about Toni's contest!

Toni Anderson said...

>1000 words!! Wow! My son has warts and he's still gorgeous and runs round naked lots. Not what you were thinking???

He's a cutie, who is it? At first I thought Mr Bloom, but then I didn't even recognise Hugh. I'm an idiot, what can I say :)

Bailey Stewart said...

It's Orlando Toni! He's playing Hugh's younger brother - you know the one that he wanted to slap around?

And my FBA isn't an idiot!

Dennie McDonald said...

Toni - I am shocked ... maybe you should stop playing w/ the blue balls... LOL!

glenice said...

WOW!! that is a great word count!!!! GREAT JOB!!!! see you will have it written in no time!

I only see one person asking for a book?????
hm, so can I throw my name in the hat :) PLEASE!

I think I would like "Double Play"

I would love to get Kenyon's book but I already found it :)

How did it go with Dev????

Bailey Stewart said...

Dennie - blue balls ROFL

Glenice - yes you can enter. We won't get the test results back until Monday. The phenobarbital is making him gain weight - he has gained two pounds in two weeks - he's getting fat!

Okay - I'm going to eat and then off to bed.

Susan said...

Way to go Eve! 1,121 words in one night? WOW!! Keep it going.

You can toss my name in for I Brake for Bad Boys.

Good luck with Devlin and the vet! Hugs

Bailey Stewart said...

Thanks. Your copy of Room Service finally arrived yesterday. I'm going to mail it with today's draw next week.

(I was having trouble with a chapter so I leaped to the love scene - that went quite smoothly and I'm not even done with it)

Siobhan said...

Isn't it just terrible when you have a sleepless night? I had one the night before last. DH was snoring for England, Wales, Great Britain and the Universe. I was cream-crackered (Cockney rhyming slang for knackered) yesterday. So last night I took a little pill called Nytol and it worked a treat. I didn't hear a thing 'till the alarm went off at six. Hope Devlin is well and that you have a great weekend!

Amie Stuart said...

Aw eve maybe you can pascify him if you scribble some notes about his book?

christa said...

It must be warmer there, all the way to Wal-mart and back I didn't see one nekkid muse. They must stay in houses.

Tori Lennox said...

because my bloggers are getting tired of this

Says who? *g*

Lis said...

Oh he's pretty. I second his question, when do we get his story? *backs away giggling*
WTG on the word count!

My choice for draw day, uhm My Favorite Witch by Annette Blair :o)
Gotta luv the paranormals right now

ruby55 said...

You did a lot of work there. Great going! And this character is being obnoxious? Go figure. He really needs to have more respect if he wants his own book.

Doesn't matter if you don't do the book in "order". Diana Gabaldon writes down little scenes or even sentences on bits of paper and then adds them to the story like a patchwork quilt. So do other authors. This may be the way for you to go.

I'd love a book. I was looking for the one historical that I chose last time because it was set in medieval Chartres, one of my favorite places in the world. But it's not there and I can't remember the title.

Otherwise, I'd like Jennifer Greene's "Blame It on Chocolate" or Barbara Freethy's "Don't Say a Word". I have quite a few of the others or have read them.

Brandy said...

Eve, hope you got some rest. Had co-op today (yes we went!) Woo-eee on the word count, way to go!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Ah, Orlando....sigh...

jeanne said...

I'm new here but I'd love either Blue Fame or Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis. Thanks.

Susie said...

Unleash the Night for me.

And if he gets to be too much for you to handle, you can send him my way. I'll take care of him ;)

Bailey Stewart said...

Go and take a nap and a parade comes by LOL

Siobhan - I often have trouble sleeping Thursday nights because I've closed the store and my body is still going. Although normally it's like 2:00 or something, not 4:30.

Cece - He's been scribbled. And scribbled - he's just a rebel.

Christa - they do. Can't have nekkid muses running around outside, it would cause major panic.

Tori - LOL

Lis - grrrrrrr.

Ruby - I think it was The Last Bride

Brandy - thanks. I don't think there will be any writing tonight. I may go to bed early.

Melissa - yes, *sigh*

Jeanne - welcome!

Susie - not in this lifetime LOL

Toni Anderson said...

Oh yeah--Unleash the Night for me too!! I'm trying to get into SK. Went to the zoo today--and I thought writing was a crazy business :O

Bailey Stewart said...

Okay - I'm trying to make the connection between SK and the zoo, but I'll go with it.

Definitely no writing tonight (hear that muses) I am so toast and even though I only work 4 hours tomorrow it would be nice to be awake while I do it. :)