Friday, November 24, 2006

Spam Leftovers

Your secret? (It’s my wonderful charisma.)
Sure it’s time? (Um, let me check. Friday. Yep, it’s time.)
How is everything? (Oh, it’s going. How’s it with … never mind, I don’t want to know.)
Penis Enlargement Patch will enlarge your penis once and never let it shrink. (Really? Wouldn’t that eventually hurt?)
We are giving out nature. (Believe me, a penis that never shrinks, is as big as the Eiffel Tower and can even chop wood, is not nature.)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (That ought to make somebody happy.)
Our customer confesses. (Klepto.)
It me Marty. (It you Marty? Why are you spamming? And when did you get grammatically challenged?)
Gimme your thoughts on this. (What? Marty Spamming? She needs to re-think that line of work.)
Get medications for your cure. (I’d rather have medications for my ills. My cures don’t need any help.)
Interplanetary glove compartment. (Wow, that’s some big flashlight.)
Strip. (Excuse me? You don’t really want to see that.)
You so compelling. (Did you forget that flattery will get you no where?)
I didn’t forgot. (Don’t do it again. And it’s “forget,” you moron.)
Stop your way and try this way. (My way works for my blogsters.)
Groupies. (You call ‘em groupies, I call ‘em blogsters.)
If only. (Don’t get flippant on me.)
I’m sorry. (You better be.)
Erection problems Lisa? (Um Lis? I’d like to hear this answer.)
You just gotta try one yourself. (No thank you. I think I’ll pass.)
Let me show you. (No, stop right there.)
Look away if you’re not ready for the surprise. (Oh, it would be a surprise all right.)
Take this first step, I’ll take it from there. (No one takes over my blog – it’s all mine. I think it’s time you leave.)
We need your permission. (Now you’re learning. Permission granted.)


Brandy said...

I'm a groupie? COOL! Your Spam is better than leftovers any day!! Love it, of course!

Marty said...

Well, you caught me...I really just wanted an alarm clock that looked like the Eiffel Tower :)

Lis said...

lol well that's the first I've heard of my so-called problem *g*

You know if you combine a groupie with a blogster, do we become a blogie?

Shirley said...

Brilliant as always. Thanks for the laugh.
Thanks to Marty, too, for making me laugh out loud.

Diane said...

Hey, sorry I wasn't able to drop by yesterday. Christmas will be crap this year - mine was last year - and, thus, your birthday. We'll all still be thinking of you, though.

Thanks for the spam.

christa said...

The avatar looks like me at Christmas. I get all the lights untangled, I plug them in and they all work but once I get them on the tree they don't work. I have to sweep the floor after cause the stupid thingshed and then I have fake pine needles on the floor. A three hour proccess just for maybe 3 or 4 presents. I saw some really nice taletop trees that are you put away fully decorated. Sound good to me.
Does a queen have groupies? I thought they were called followers or loyal subjects.

Bailey Stewart said...

Thank you Brandy.

Marty - LOL

Lis - it's all right, I'm sure there are support groups for that. And no, that would actually be "Boogies". *gg*

Shirley - Thanks.

Diane - Thank you Diane - I really appreciate the support.

Christa - Bebo got one of those trees that come with the lights so she won't have to deal with them. Groupies, peons, subjects, followers - it's all the same to me.

I'm filling in for someone today, so will be working from 9 - 1, and again tomorrow when I'll be working until 5. At least that's a little extra in the paycheck.

Toni Anderson said...

If you worked the streets for a few weeks you could afford a plane ticket to Winnipeg for Christmas? Gotta be worth it for my DH's cooking :)

We need to mug someone with lots of airmiles...

Tori Lennox said...

Penis Enlargement Patch will enlarge your penis once and never let it shrink.

Y'know, the commercials for Viagra, etc. say if it lasts longer than four hours to see your doctor so I shouldn't think this is something you'd want. *g*

Susan said...

Hail to the Queen of Spamarama!

Penis Enlargement Patch will enlarge your penis once and never let it shrink.(Really? Wouldn’t that eventually hurt?) LOL

Brandy said...

With all these penis enlargment (I just blushed typing that!) Spams, it reminds me of Jeff Foxworthy's comment about it, that he'd be in the hospital with the gown on backwards showing off. You know men would really do it too!

ruby55 said...

Some really good ones in there. A lot of my muscles were execercised right now. Thanks for the fun.

Had some further laughs with comments on Penis Enlargement Patches. I wonder what men would do with it when they try to put on pants. They'd probably have to leave the fly open. Wouldn't that be a sight--until they were arrested for indecent exposure.