Sunday, November 12, 2006


Yes, two - one for NFL, one for my non-NFL people.

This one is the NFL post, look below for the other one.

So, it's the birds today. And will the Cowboy's be seeing red? I know they won't be seeing Marcus Coleman or Terry Glenn. Coleman was let go after he was arrested Friday night on a DWI, his second since 2004. He'd just returned to the team a couple of games ago after serving a 5 game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. So rookie Patrick Watkins will be stepping in to help Keith Davis. Glenn is out because of an injury.

I'm going to state again that it doesn't matter who the QB is - Romo or Bledsoe - it's not going to make a lot of difference if other issues aren't addressed. We have an offensive line that can't keep the pocket from collapsing, forcing the move to a more mobile QB. We have receivers who can't catch balls that are perfectly catchable (yes, that means you T.O.). I bet you had Bledsoe thrown that pass to Glenn, it would have been caught - TD made. We beat ourselves with penalties. This team has got to get itself together. The Cardinals played a pretty good game last week, but it's still the Cardinals. If we win today, I'm still not on the wagon with this move until they beat a team with substance.


Scott said...

It's ok to be a hard sell, but sold you will be. I can't see the game, but it's half time. Could it be that Patrick Crayton is the real deal? He'll be a better receiver than TO ever was.

Bailey Stewart said...

I hope so Scott. Only once this game have I seen Romo do something that Bledsoe couldn't - elude defensive linemen from the pocket. Otherwise, T.O. has dropped two balls. Like I said - I don't think the QB is the big problem. And play well last week or not, this is still a team that hasn't been that good this season, so one would hope the 'Boys could beat them.

Yeah, Crayton has done well - I've always liked him.

Bailey Stewart said...

T.O. finally caught one, held on to it and made a T.D.

And Watkins, playing only because of Coleman - just made an interception.

We're beating them, but I really didn't expect us not to.

Scott said...

Well, just be happpy we actually are beating them. Two interceptions--that's sounds really good. And don't discount Romo's game as being something that Drew could have done. Drew wasn't getting it done, and Romo is. The way he is playing is better than any other quarterback than we've had since Aikman in my opinion. Surely you see what a gift that is. He's young and self assured. We can work on other positions now. That's real good.

Bailey Stewart said...

I've never said that Romo wasn't good - I've just said that the QB wasn't the problem. Yes, because the offensive line cannot hold the pocket for the QB, a more mobile quarterback like Romo will work better. I just said the QB's that don't have mobility have gone and won Super Bowls - it's the entire offensive line that's been (pardon the pun) "offensive". If Romo can get them fired up and playing better - not make too many stupid mistakes that result in crippling penalties; get the receivers to start catching "catchable" passes - then more power to him. I've said before that Romo was the QB of the future, and maybe that future is now. Even he said in an interview that if he hadn't been able to play behind QB's like Testaverde and Bledsoe, learn from their experiences, that he didn't think he would have done well. I'm still holding my final judgement until I see him play against a good team like the Colts, Eagles, etc.

Scott said...

You don't have to wait too long, huh? Indy is up next. Yikes.