Friday, November 17, 2006


Do you want to buy almost free software? (Nope, I’ll wait until it goes on sale.)
Postponement rocking chair (I prefer a recliner.)
When to stop blogging. (When you talk back to spam.)
Snuggly feeling comment. (Awwww, you’re about as sweet as a cuddly, wuddly teddy bear.)
Is it too small? (Is what … no, wait, don’t tell me.)
Big penis is a revolution in your pants. Be big with advanced Gain Pro Penis Enlargement Patch. (Believe me, I’d know if something were going on in my pants, whether they’re pros or amateurs.)
Don’t be left out, join millions of men in the revolution. (My pants aren’t that big … no comment from the peanut gallery.)
This is insane. (Tell me about it.)
Which rules are in effect here? (Mine, obviously.)
Queen (You got it.)
Daisy (The Duchess isn’t going to help you.)
Customer Alert: Your Fifth Third Bank account. (My what? I can barely keep money in one.)
Temper (Oh, I’m not angry. You’ll know when I’m angry.)
Mayday (No reason to call for help. I told you, I’m not angry.)
Sonar arrest (Huh? Just for sending a false mayday? Man, y'all are tough.)
Don’t let the anger consume you, Our Penis Enlargement Patches … (Would you stop with the Penis. I’m a woman!)
Want to be the man you could be. (It depends, is he rich and handsome?)
We prefer the truth. (I’m kind of partial to it myself.)
Don’t lie to yourself, satisfied with your penis size? (I give up. Yes, I’m satisfied with my penis size.)
Want to double the size of your penis? (Okay, now I’m getting angry.)


christa said...

see even Spam knows you're a queen, I don't know why they are sending you that stuff meant for the joker (er I mean king)

Brandy said...

Long Live the Queen! Of Spam. All Hail Queen Bailey!!!

Diane said...

Have a great weekend, Bailey. I may be "back" good and proper by next week.

Shirley said...

A brilliant start to a Friday. Thanks, Baily. I needed a laugh this morning.

Portia Da Costa said...

I think I've received all those messages too!

Well done, Bailey!



Scott said...

I just saw your post from a couple days back. My sister bought my son that book, which I read to him unsuspecting the ending. So sad. I hope you are feeling ok.

Have you read what Romo supporters and detractors are being labelled? I fall into the camp of "Romosexuals", and my friend, are a "Romophobe".

Isn't that funny?!

See you Sunday.

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!!!!

Dennie McDonald said...

what's freaky is the second I look up something on the 'net I get a couple of spams for it - and yes I run my spyware stuff.... obviosly not often enough

glenice said...

Have a good weekend!!!

I will be heading to Lousiana in a couple weeks!! :)

Susan said...

Another great Spamarama Friday!

Siobhan said...

Yay it's Friday and the queen of Spam has done it again. Great stuff, Bailey! ;-)

catslady said...

I agree Dennie - we are definitely being tracked!

Great spam Friday as usual but I'm lookin' for those voices lol.

Shesawriter said...

:-) You're a card, lady! LOL!

Toni Anderson said...

LOL. Spam finally has a use :)

Carol said...

I love both the Spam and the voices! lol

Marty said...

I miss the alarm clock...