Friday, November 03, 2006

Devil Food Spam

If there’s any criticism. (Of spamarama? There couldn’t be.)
Pa soggy (Ma’s a bit of a drip too.)
Shower Head used at World Famous Resorts. (I hate to tell you this, but they use shower heads at the Motel 6 too. And they’ll leave the light on for you.)
Available family name. (What? Did a whole line die leaving no one to carry it on? Is this another e-bay scam?)
Nobody will know about your problems. (They will if they read this blog.)
He unhappy at December. (She unhappy at June.)
An Twain in verbal. (Verbal or not, Twain would never have written a sentence like that.)
Or of tome. (Now we’re talking War and Peace.)
The sun had sisters. (The moon had brothers. Never the Twain shall meet. Verbally or not.)
Can’t be a lover anymore. (Can’t be a lover any less.)
Enjoying your poverty. (Not really.)
A bigger dick. (Bigger than the Eiffel Tower? Longer than a third leg? Can you hold a brick on it?)
The devil came here yesterday. (I wondered where the hell he’d been.)
And it smells of sulfur still today. (Lysol Air purifier will help. Or maybe a stick-up.)
Backside typewritten. (With a large font.)
Meghan wrote. (Bailey didn’t)
Your neighbors lost their alarm clock. (I bet the devil did it.)


Meretta said...

Ah, more chuckles from Spamarama Friday! Thanks!

Can I send a fella by the name of Cowboy over to you, Bailey? He keeps inundating my contact form on my website trying to entice me to see his beltbuckles. I'm not falling for that one!

Bailey Stewart said...

Well I don't know Meretta - depends on how big his beltbuckle is. *vbg*

Marty said...

Snort. A stick-up.

I think the cowboy's e-mailing me, too. His cryptic message to "get back on the horse" can't possibly be for me, can they?

Bailey Stewart said...

Back in the saddle again. Ride 'em hard and put 'em up wet. Um, yippi-ki-yay.

glenice said...

My spam is NEVER this good!!!

Refi now! Refi now before the rates go back up...yada yada cowboys, alarm clocks, stick-ups, Pa soggy...

How's that new bedroom doing??? You like it :)

Brandy said...

Again with the neighbors missing their alarm clock? Have they tried gluing it down? *g* Hey, how come I never get anyone named Cowboy on my site? You guys have all the fun!
Your Spam is delightfully funny as always sweetie!!

christa said...

See what happens when you hold a brick on it, he can't be a lover anymore.

Save a horse, ride a Cowboy.

I'll have to check e-bay, maybe they have a better name.

Devon Ellington said...

Trixie Belden -- yep, have all of those, too. I did a long blog post about her stuff when I took the trip to Sleepy Hollow (the fictional town of Sleepyside is based on it).

Bailey Stewart said...

I didn't realize that. Thanks for the info. My favorite was The Happy Valley Mystery

Tori Lennox said...

An Twain in verbal. (Verbal or not, Twain would never have written a sentence like that.)

ROFL!!! Damn straight!

Shirley said...

Spamarama Friday - yeehah. Brilliant as always. Thanks for the laughs.
I never get cowboys...

Anonymous said...

I KNEW the alarm clocks couldn't stay away!! LOLOLOL

BTW- this is Michele, sneaking in at work.
You're worthy it, *grin*

Susan said...

Thanks for the funny Spamarama Friday!

I not sure if I should be jealous or grateful that I don't get anything from Cowboy!

Bailey Stewart said...

No confusion there - I'm jealous.

catslady said...

Great as usual :)

Siobhan said...

*vbg* Most enjoyable!

Toni Anderson said...

I just get viagra. Really JUST viagra. My penis is fine, thank you.