Monday, November 27, 2006

Whatcha Readin'?

So, whatcha readin’? I have three books on my desk that I’ve just finished and are waiting to be reviewed: Relentless by Jo Leigh; The Last Warrior by Kylie Brant; and The Maverick by Rhonda Nelson. I’m almost finished with A Sultan’s Ransom by the inimitable Loreth Anne White. All great books. I’ve been trying to read the new Mighty Quinns books by Kate Hoffman, but I just can’t seem to get into them. I loved the ones that she did for the Temptation line, so I’m thinking it’s just one of those “I’m not in the mood for these” scenarios. Anyway, I’ve updated my “What I’m Reading” section on the website, check it out.

So spill it – whatcha readin’? I know, some of you are in the middle of Nano so you’re exempt, but what about the rest of you?


Rene said...

I'm in the middle (or end) of Nano but I have been reading a bit. I'm reading "The Historian" by Elizabeth Kostova. It took me a long time to get into this book, but I'm about half way and I'm really starting to get into it.

Brandy said...

You know what I'm going to be reading as soon as DH goes back to work tomorrow (I never get anything read when he's off). I've read several of the books on your list. Santa Baby with Crusie is great!! I just picked up Drop Dead Gorgeous by Linda Howard and Sleeping with the Fishes by MaryJanice Davidson. Let me know how My Big Fat Supernatual Wedding is, okay?

raine said...

I'm wrapping up a Sandra Brown book, and starting one of Sharon Shinn's next.
That is, when I'm not writing. Of course. Uh-huh.

catslady said...

My daughter came home for the holidays for almost a week so I am really behind in everything but I did start Saving Grace by Julie Garwood - she's one of my favorites. My daughter also lent me some books so my own tbr pile is on hold lol. The book before this was The Heart of a Mercenary by Loreth and I really enjoyed it :)

Diane said...

I'm "working", so I'm reading The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing.

christa said...

I'm reading Merger of Fortunes by Peggy Moreland. I only started it last night so I'm only on chapter 3. Love some of the name: Case, Creed, Nash, Blake and Skylar.

I love how decorating comes so easy for the avatar.

Bernita said...

The Next Ex - Linda L. Richards.
Classical Mythology - Morford and Lenardon.
Lost Worlds - Daniel Cohen.
Tutankhamun - ed. Katherine Stoddert-Gilbert.
You did ask, she said apologetically.

Michele said...

Just finished Lawless by Nora Robers and Firestar by Kathleen Morgan.
And Bacchus by Jordan Summers and Arctic Dragon by Delilah Devlin and the latest installment of the Talking Dog series by Shelly Munro, Romantic Interlude.

That's just in the last three days.
Now, I have to start on the last two from Lauren Dane from the Witches Knot series. Yum.

I have Charlaine Harris' latest Grave one, but I'm dragging my feet about reading it. I wasn't too thrilled with the first and it's colored my enthusiasm ...

Tori Lennox said...

I've been re-reading Kasey Michaels' Maggie Kelly & Saint Just mysteries. :)

Bailey Stewart said...

Rene - I've been thinking about that one. But I don't know, something that might take me half-way through it before I really start getting in to it? Hmmmmm.

Brandy - yes, I do know what you'll be reading. About My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding - I might not get to it for a while since it's one I'll be keeping. I bought it because there's a story by Jim Butcher in it - he writes the Dresden Books (the only first person POV books I absolutely love) and his story in this book is about Dresden too, so I'll keep it with my other Dresden books.

Raine - of course. ;)

Jeanne - aren't those Shadow Soldier books of Loreth's great? I'm loving them.

Diane - reading is reading. I have a couple of writing books I need to get read.

Christa - those are neat names. And I wish I could decorate as fast as my avatar. Sheesh.

Bernita - I did ask. A couple of those books look interesting. The anthropologist in me would lean towards Lost Worlds and Tutankhamun.

Michelle - three days! I'm sorry to admit that it's taking me about three days to read a book. I've so much to do ... I know the feeling about diving into the newest book by an author when you weren't too fond of the last one. I think it effects everyone that way.

Tori - I don't think I'm familiar with those.

Meretta said...

I'm nearing the end of Dark Fever by Karen Marie Moning.

and I'm reading Fast Women by Jenny Crusie as a comfort read

and rereading After I Dream by Rachel Lee as kind of research thing

and I'm getting ready to read the Santa Baby anthology or Crossroads Cafe by Deborah Smith next.

Jill said...

I just read Nora's latest series which begins with Morrigan's Cross, and now I'm on Crazy Sweet. Though I really need to be writing!!!

Bailey Stewart said...

Meretta - I've never read the Moning stuff.

Jill - yes you should be. I don't have a Shalvis to read.

Okay - I really need to get some work done, so I'll drop by later.

Susan said...

I just finished 'The Matchmaker' by Jamie Denton last night. I give it two thumbs up. Next up is 'I Love You To Death' by Amy Garvey.

Siobhan said...

I'm reading "Making Your Mind Up" by Jill Mansell - pure chick lit and great fun. And I'm delving into "Teach Yourself How to Write a Blockbuster" by Lee Weatherly and Helen Corner to give me some inspiration for the WIP.

Kelly said...

I'm reading some SuperRomances to get an idea what the line is like since Paula Eykelhof said my contemp ms is perfect for that line. The one I'm reading I like the characters but it's really overwrought. I keep thinking 'geez could somebody just crack a joke or something?' I need some levity with my darkness.

Jordan Summers said...

The Bone Collector by Jeffrey Deaver. Very creepy, but very well written. I'm also re-reading Dark Fire by Christine Feehan. I've read this book at least three times before, but for some reason I always come back to it. I'm reading Inspiration and Motivation (Writer's Little Instruction Book) by Paul Raymond Martin and Greywalker by Kat Richardson. I think that about covers the basics. :)

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm reading Jeff Shaara's new book about WWII. :-)

Dru said...

I'm finishing "Wives and Sisters" by Natalie R Collings and next on the list is either "Cross" by James Patterson or "Bubbles All The Way" by Sarah Strohmeyer

christa said...

Now I finished Merger of Fortunes by Peggy Moreland and am going to start The CEO'S Contract Bride by Yvonne Lindsay. I think after that will be The Ultimate Millionaire by Susan Mallery but then I like the guy on The Secretary's Secret by Michelle Celmer cover better. Decisions, Decisions, I'm getting more of a headache.

Toni Anderson said...

I'm reading Ladies Man by Suzanne Brockmann. I have Santa Baby waiting for after my deadline :)

Jordan, I read the Bone Collector when it came out--great book that they made into an awful movie :(

Happy reading :)

ruby55 said...

I have several books going too, some of them from the library. I'm still reading 2 for a contest "Grave Intent" and "A House Divided" by Deborah Leblanc. These are horror books, not my favorite genre but these are not what I feared they would be.

My chief book is "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation" by Laura Willig (think "The Scarlet Pimpernel"). It's about a young contemporary woman who goes to England to find out who this Pink Carnation really was during the Napoleonic Wars. So it takes place in two different times: the PC's in the early 1800s and the rest in contemporary times. This is the author's first book and she's brought out 2 more. All are hardcover. Meg Cabot says, "This genre-bending read--a dash of chick-lit with a historical twist--has it all: romance, mystery and adventure." And it's a lot of fun.

I've also got 2 of Loreth's waiting.

Hope work went OK the last time you went to work.

My TBR pile is much bigger than this.

P.S. I have to vote before 2000h. Our member of Parliament stepped down to run for mayor in London, ON but was defeated by the incumbent, a woman. The former mayor is now running for the Parliamentary seat. Wonder who's going to win.

Bailey, are these Dresden books as in Dresden, Germany or Dresden, ON? Or are they about Dresden china? The name certainly interests me since my father's parents lived through the bombing of Dresden while the family of one of his brothers was totally wiped out.

Benita, the last three would definitely interest me, as might the first if I knew what it was about. I'm not an anthropologist but a historian--at least someone who loves history. I guess I'm more a linguist by training.

Marty said...

I just read Pat McEnulty's "Time to Say Goodbye" over Thanksgiving, and started Jeff Shaara's latest "The Rising Tide" yesterady. On deck, Charles Frazier's "Thirteen Moons".

Hey! I'm on your list (big cheesy grin).

Bailey Stewart said...

Sorry, I've been writing reviews all day.

Some great suggestions here. I guess I need to get started on Santa Baby, huh?

Ruby - In this case, Dresden isn't a place, it's a person. Wizard Harry Dresden to be exact. He works with the Chicago police department solving crimes with a paranormal twist, but at the moment he's also fighting vampires. They're great books.

Hey, big cheesy grinner - Yes, it's on my list and getting closer to the top, isn't it?

Lis said...

Still slogging my way through NaNo and partial/synop hell but I'm reading Dear Prince Charming by Donna Kauffman, its great :o)

Amie Stuart said...

Just finished the new Kay Hooper while I was on vaca!

Amie Stuart said...

Must read Eragon before the movie comes out!