Monday, September 25, 2006

And a Birthday Too

The Heart of a Mercenary

by Loreth Anne White
Silhouette Intimate Moments, October 2006

The Man: Hunter McBride—he’d buried his past and his emotions long ago to become the ultimate warrior.
The Mission: Get the only proof of a deadly toxin out of the Congo jungle—with or without the innocent beauty who possessed it.
The Woman Who Changed the Rules: Just one look at Sarah Burdett and long-dead feelings stirred in Hunter’s heart. She was just supposed to be part of the package—nothing more. But with every minute counting down to disaster, Sarah showed Hunter how to live again. Could he discover how to love again before their time—and the world’s—ran out?

Three men. One mission. Only love can save them.


How to win a copy? As usual, winner will be picked at random. I tried to think of a contest for this book and while doing so my thoughts turned to heroes. So tell me who your favorate romance book hero is. Mine? For pure sexiness I would pick Bo Black from Aussie Rules. But all around favorite? Jared Skye from Just Try Me. Both Shalvis books of course. You have until 9:00 p.m. central Thursday, September 28. Winner announced Friday.

This will be my last giveaway for a while.

Happy Birthday Stacy!!!!!

Oh, and check out the new review at Isn't It Romantic.


catslady said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!

Am I allowed to pick the same hero as you lol. Aussie Rules was the last romance book that I read and Bo is still on my mind :)

(and I'm first hehe)

Bailey Stewart said...

Whatever floats your boat sweetie! Bo Black is a good one.

And I really just love it when people fight for first. LOL

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!
Too bad it's favorite Romance hero, because Roarke in J.D. Robbs books is one of my favorite heroes. Tough, tender and will fight not just for his lady, but will fight alongside her!

Bailey Stewart said...

We keep J.D. Robb in the RS section - so that counts.

KimW said...

My favorite is Roarke in the J.D. Robb series, too. He's hot, mysterious, warm-hearted and intellegent. Oh, and he's wealthy. That's always a bonus.

Happy Birthday Stacy!

Minna said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!

My favorite is the shape-shifter Alex Lupe from One Eye Closed by Karen Whiddon. But I like Roarke, too.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday, Stacy!

I didn't even have to think about the answer to this question! My favorate romance book hero is Roarke from J.D. Robb's In Death series! I enjoy everything Nora writes!

Meretta said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!

My favorite hero (but no MERC copy please because I've already got one and WHOOT is it good!) is hmmm...only one? Dang. NICK. Tell Me No Lies - Jenny Crusie OR (can I have an Or? ;) JOE - Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich.

Joyce said...

As soon as I read favorite romantic hero I thought of J.D.Robb's Roarke. He has been my favorite for years.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Stacy!

I love your party dress!

Only one?! John Kowalsky in Simply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson. I have to agree with everyone else too!

Kelley said...

Sounds great!!

Stacy Dawn said...

Thank you Bailey and everyone!!

Jennifer Y. said...

I have several favorite romance book heroes (I couldn't pick just one): Derek Craven in Lisa Kleypas's Dreaming of You and Colin Bridgerton in Julia Quinn's Romancing Mister Bridgerton. Also, all of Lucy Monroe's merc heroes in the Merc Trilogy Ready, Willing, and And Able.

Cryna said...

This is such a good book, it is a terrific read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. It came in my monthly subscription so was happy to get it......LOL

Bailey please don't count me into the draw since I already have the book - and think it should go to someone who has not read it yet.

But wanted to also say that I just loved the hero in Lori's Murphy's Law or the one in Jude's Law. There are others as well, but these two will make a good starting point........LOL

Toni Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Stacy :)

Hmmm.. So many heroes so little time. I like Sam Starrett from Suzanne Brockmann's books. And John Medina in Linda Howard's stories. And Tami Hoag's Nick Fourcade and her cowboy in Dark Paradise...

And all the above mentioned heroes including Hunter McBride whom I'm reading right now and so please don't enter me in the draw as I have a copy :)

christa said...

Happy Birthday Stacy. Love the party dress Bailey.

As for a hero, I'm going to have to go with four of them. It wouldn't be fair to pick just one of them. Sebastian, Travis, Boone and Nat from Vicki Lewis Thompson's Three Cowboys and a Baby.

Rachael said...

My favorite hero in a romance novel (if you would call this that) is Ranger from Evanovich's series. He is extremely sexy and always there to save Stephanie when she gets into trouble.

Brandy said...

Rachel, have you heard the whole controversy over Ranger and Joe? ESPECIALLY over the latest book.

Loreth Anne White said...

Happy Birthday, Stacy -- hope it was a good one :)

(I luvs ya, Bailey :) )

Bailey Stewart said...

Lurve you too Loreth!

ruby55 said...

Sounds like an exciting and intense book. It would certainly be nice to win it.

My favorite romance hero? You don't ask hard questions, do you. Right now I'm reading a book whose author called the hero the sexiest she's ever written (up to the publishing date, I guess). It's "After the Night" (1995) by Linda Howard. The way she describes him in a romance, not erotica is pretty steamy. So for sexiness I'll give Gray Rouillard the nod. Over all hero? Let me think on that still please.

Happy Birthday, Stacy.

Rachael said...

Hi Brandy!
Sorry I haven't checked back on this blog, didn't realize someone left me a comment! :)

I am trying to think of the controversy you are talking about. Do you mean that Evanovich wrote Ranger's voice too much like Joe's? Or just that Stephanie was with Ranger instead of Joe?

Maureen said...

Happy Birthday

I pick Nate from Northern Lights by Nora Roberts.

ruby55 said...

I'm still thinking about my favorite overall hero. I had picked one but my mind's gone blank again, definitely MIA.

I like Roarke too but wanted to get someone else. It's a toss-up between Ruark Beauchamp from Woodiwiss's "Shanna" and Susan Grant's Ché Vedla from "The Star Princess".