Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Is it Wednesday Already?

You know, living without a brain can be kind of fun. For instance, do you know that if I put my hands over my ears I can actually hear the ocean? It’s really been … hey, I’m trying to write here.

Yeah, whatever. Looks more like you’re babbling.

I don’t babble.

Oh no, you “create”.

Sarcasm doesn’t become you. In fact, nothing much becomes you.

Well isn’t that the pot calling the kettle ..

Hey, watch it! Don’t you have a friend to hang around with?

He’s on a date.

With who, a Keebler Elf?

You’re funny.

I try to be.

So if you’re so funny, why are you thinking about that romantic suspense?

What’s wrong with it?

It doesn’t quite fit that “Romance that tickles the funny bone” tag you’ve given yourself. By the way, who told you you’re funny?

The same person who said you look like Hugh Jackman.

Of course I look like … hey, you’re a wise woman.

Thought you’d agree.

But why the romantic suspense?

Because it’s the closest to being done. I mean, yeah it needs a total re-write, but I know the story, I know where it’s going, etc.

It’s not funny.

I can make it funny. I am a writer you know.

So you say. I liked that “Operation: Eden” thing.

Why? Because I was going to put you in it?

There’s that.

Hmmmm, it’s still a possibility. But “The Devil You Know” is much further along.

But “Operation: Aidan” is funny.



It’s Eden, not Aidan.

Aidan schmaidan. What’s the difference?

Aidan is the cat.

Oh yeah, poor little dumb kitty.

Hey, he has a brain.

That makes one of you … Hey, don’t touch that DELET…..

As I was saying, not having a brain has its moments.

Happy Birthday Meretta!!!!!!!


Brandy said...

Hahahaha! I wish I had half your talent for writing, and humor!

Brandy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERETTA, and Congratulations on Rising Sin.

Diane said...

I said it on Toni's too, but ... Happy Birthday, Meretta.

Michele said...

I"ll 4th the Happy Birthday Meretta!
Have a great Wednesday!

Tori Lennox said...

LOL! Your characters need to leave you alone to enjoy not having a brain. :)

Meretta said...

Thanks everybody and thanks for the congrats on RISING SIN. I appreciate it all. :)

LOL at your "musings", Bailey. Your wittiness always makes me laugh. Thanks!

Dennie McDonald said...

OMG - TO.......

Devon Ellington said...

You really need to do a short, gift-type book of these conversations. They're hilarious!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Meretta!

I love those voices! LOL

Jordan Summers said...

Happy Birthday Meretta.

christa said...


Toni Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Meretta :)

Bails, you're nuts :D

Bailey Stewart said...

Yeah, but you love me anyway. :)

Meretta said...

Yup, we do!!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes everyone!

Scott said...

Pretty funny Bailey! Very cute.

Sounds like much ado about TO--again. Thank goodness.

ruby55 said...

Happy Birthday, Meretta!

May I add my own wishes to two people here? They're cousins and it may be that this is the first time they've celebrated their birthdays together, though the occasion was anything but festive.

There was a memorial service for their grandfather who died on Sunday morning. But we all, i.e., family members, went to their grandmother's house where we sang

Happy Birthday, Benjamin (26)!

Happy Birthday, Ruthanne (22)!

Benjamin is my first nephew. Ruthie already has 2 kids of her own: August (a girl, 2) and Landon (a boy, 4 mos.)

ruby55 said...

Actually, that's not a bad idea: making a booklet out of the musings and the Spamarama. Anything to tickle the funny bone should work. Everybody is too stressed out not to need it.

Bernita said...

~mindlessly singing Happy Birthday...~

Meretta said...

Thanks again, folks!